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Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd (Mingtai AL.) was founded in 1997 and listed in Shanghai in 2011, stock number 601677.After nearly 23 years of development, Mingtai AL. has grown into a powerful and experienced aluminum sheet supplier.

The main products of Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. are aluminum sheet, plate and coils. Among them, 5000 series and 6000 series alloy aluminum sheet coil are used in various fields, such as automotive manufacturing and marine uses.In addition, Mingtai Aluminum can also supply and produce other 1xxx-8xxx series aluminum coils, aluminum foil and other products, with a maximum annual output of 860,000 tons. view more

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As a powerful aluminum sheet supplier and aluminum sheet manufacturer in China, Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd produces 5000 series aluminum sheet, 6000 series aluminum sheet and other thin aluminum sheet coil products with excellent quality, and sells well in Europe, South Asia, Latin America and other countries and regions. view more


aluminium sheet plate

Posted On 2020-09-20| By Mingtai Aluminum

aluminium sheet plate With the development of science and technology in modern society, aluminium sheet plate can be seen everywhere in our daily life as a medium and high-end material. Whether itRead More…


aluminum 6061 t6 price

Posted On 2020-09-18| By Mingtai Aluminum

Aluminum 6061 t6 price The main additional alloying elements of aluminum 6061 t6 alloy are magnesium and silicon, which form a compound of the two, so that the corrosion resistance, toughness, andRead More…


stamped aluminum sheet

Posted On 2020-09-17| By Mingtai Aluminum

Stamped aluminum sheet Stamped aluminum sheet is also called deep drawing aluminum sheets, which belongs to Mingtai advantage product. Stamped aluminum sheets products are mainly used in storage devices, electrical appliances, lightingRead More…


6061 aluminum tooling plate

Posted On 2020-09-16| By Mingtai Aluminum

6061 aluminum tooling plate The 6 series aluminum plate is an extruded alloy aluminum plate with Mg-Si elements added. 6061 aluminum tooling plate is one of the most commonly used products inRead More…


aluminum sheet metal prices

Posted On 2020-09-15| By Mingtai Aluminum

In recent years, the aluminum sheet metal prices market has fluctuated significantly, and the aluminum processing industry has been impacted by the countercurrent of globalization. However, the sales volume of Mingtai Al.Read More…


aluminum sheet metal for sale

Posted On 2020-09-14| By Mingtai Aluminum

aluminum sheet metal for sale Aluminum sheet is widely used in all walks of life due to its unique chemical and physical properties, and the annual demand for aluminum sheet metal forRead More…