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Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd (Mingtai AL.) was founded in 1997 and listed in Shanghai in 2011, stock number 601677. After nearly 23 years of development, Mingtai Aluminum Industry has grown into a powerful and experienced aluminum sheet supplier.

The main products of Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd include aluminum sheet, plate and coils. Among them, 5000 series and 6000 series alloy aluminum sheet coil are used in various fields, such as automotive manufacturing and marine uses. Mingtai strives to be a high-quality supplier of aluminum sheet near me. In addition, Mingtai Aluminum Industry can also supply and produce other 1xxx-8xxx series aluminum coils, aluminum foil and other products, with a maximum annual output of 860,000 tons. view more

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As a powerful aluminum sheet supplier and aluminum sheet manufacturer in China, Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd produces 5000 series aluminum sheet, 6000 series aluminum sheet and other thin aluminum sheet coil products with excellent quality. And Mingtai's market covers Europe, South Asia, Latin America and other countries and regions. view more

aa3105 aluminium

aa3105 aluminium properties

Posted On 2022-01-19| By Mingtai Aluminum supplier

What is aa3105 aluminium aa3105 aluminium is essentially a 98% aluminium alloy. Compared with 1100 and 3003 alloys, a small amount has been added to improve strength. Heat treatment does not haveRead More…

5052 aluminum sheet Argentina

5052 aluminum sheet Argentina

Posted On 2022-01-12| By Mingtai Aluminum supplier

5052 aluminum sheet Argentina properties The main 5052 aluminum sheet Argentina properties. First, give a brief introduction to 5052 aluminum sheet Argentina properties. The 5052 alloy has very high strength and veryRead More…

3105 aluminum coil

3105 aluminum coil near me

Posted On 2022-01-06| By Mingtai Aluminum supplier

3105 aluminum coil near me 3105 grade aluminum is basically 98% pure high-quality aluminum alloy with a small amount of strength added. It is not only called this one, because there areRead More…

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where to buy diamond plate aluminum near me

where to buy diamond plate aluminum

Posted On 2020-12-26| By Mingtai Aluminum supplier

where to buy diamond plate aluminum? Diamond plate aluminum is mainly used in new energy vehicles, construction and other occasions. Mingtai aluminum industry has 23 years of experience in producing this typeRead More…


aluminum trailer skin supplier near me

Posted On 2020-12-25| By Mingtai Aluminum supplier

aluminum trailer skin supplier near me Under the current manufacturing process and technical level, the lightweight of trailer skin is an important means to solve the overload of heavy-duty vehicles and energyRead More…


aluminum trailer siding sheets

Posted On 2020-12-24| By Mingtai Aluminum supplier

Aluminum trailer siding sheets Aluminum trailer siding sheets used for trailer lightweight can greatly enhance economic efficiency, improve driving safety, reduce gasoline fuel consumption, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, lightweighting isRead More…