Where to get aluminum sheets?

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional aluminum sheets manufacturer. The main alloy aluminum sheets produced and supplied are 1, 3, 5, 6, with complete product specifications and low prices. If you want to ask where to get aluminum sheets cheaper? The quality and price of Mingtai Aluminum’s aluminum sheets are trustworthy. The aluminum alloys of the 1 series and 5 series are the alloy series we often use. These 4 series of aluminum alloys are divided into many different aluminum alloy grades. According to different grades, the proportion of alloy is different, and the specific aluminum alloy grades are used for different purposes.

where to get aluminum sheets

1XXX series-pure aluminum sheets series

1 Series aluminum sheets uses: lighting appliances, reflectors, decorations, chemical industry containers, heat sinks, melting wires, conductive materials

3XXX series-AL x Mn aluminum sheets series

1. The strength of 3003 aluminum sheets is about 10% higher than that of 1100, and its formability, weldability and corrosion resistance are all good. General utensils, heat sinks, makeup boards, photocopier cylinders, and ship materials.

2. 3004 aluminum sheets has higher strength than 3003, superior formability and good corrosion resistance. Aluminum cans, lamp caps, roof panels, colored aluminum panels 3, 3005 3005 has a strength about 20% higher than 3003, and has better corrosion resistance. Uses: building materials, colored aluminum sheets.

3. The strength of 3105 aluminum sheets is slightly higher than that of 3003, and other characteristics are similar to 3003. Uses: building materials, colored aluminum sheets, bottle caps.

5XXX series-AL x Mg aluminum sheets series

1. The strength of 5005 aluminum sheets is the same as that of 3003 aluminum sheets. It has good processability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. The modification and processing after anodization is good, and the color is commensurate with the 6063 shape. Uses: interior and exterior decoration for construction, interior decoration for vehicles, and interior decoration for ships.

2. 5052 aluminum sheets is the most representative alloy with medium strength. It has good corrosion resistance, weldability and formability, especially high fatigue strength and good seawater resistance. Uses: general sheet metal, ships, vehicles, construction, bottle caps, honeycomb panels.

3. The 5652 aluminum sheets restricts the impure elements of the 5052 aluminum sheets and inhibits the separation of hydrogen peroxide. The other characteristics are the same as the 5052 hydrogen peroxide container.

4. The strength of 5154 aluminum sheets is about 20% higher than that of 5052 aluminum sheets, and other characteristics are the same as 5052 aluminum sheets. Usage: same as 5052 aluminum sheets, pressure vessel.

5. 5254 aluminum sheets restricts the impurity elements of 5154 aluminum sheets and inhibits the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Other characteristics are the same as 5154 aluminum sheets. Hydrogen peroxide container.

6. The strength of 5454 aluminum sheet is about 20% higher than that of 5052 aluminum sheet. Its characteristics are roughly the same as that of 5154 aluminum sheet, but its corrosion resistance in harsh environments is better than that of 5154.

7. The 5056 aluminum sheets has excellent corrosion resistance. It is modified by cutting and working surface, and has good anodizing and dyeing properties. Camera body, communication equipment components, zipper.

8. The strength of 5082 aluminum sheets is similar to that of 5083 aluminum sheets, and its formability and corrosion resistance are good. 9. The strength of the 5182 aluminum sheets is about 5% higher than that of the 5082 aluminum sheets, and the other characteristics are the same as the 5082.

9. 5083 aluminum sheets welding structure alloy. It is the highest strength corrosion-resistant alloy among practical non-heat-treated alloys and is suitable for welding structures. Seawater resistance and good low-temperature characteristics Ships, vehicles, low-temperature vessels, and pressure vessels.

Main use of 6 series aluminum sheets series

1. 6005 aluminum sheets extruded profiles and pipes are used for structural parts that require strength greater than 6063 alloy, such as ladders, TV antennas, etc.
6009, 6010 are used for car body panels.

2. 6061 requires a variety of industrial structures with certain strength, weldability and high corrosion resistance, such as pipes, rods, pipes, rods, etc. used in the manufacture of trucks, tower buildings, ships, trams, furniture, mechanical parts, precision processing, etc. Shapes, sheets.

3. 6063 industrial profiles, construction profiles, irrigation pipes and extrusion materials for vehicles, benches, furniture, fences, etc.

4.  6070 heavy-duty welded structure and extrusion materials and pipes for the automotive industry.

5. 6101 High-strength bars, electrical conductors and radiator materials for buses.

6. 6151 is used for die forging crankshaft parts, machine parts and production of rolled rings. It is used for not only requiring good forgeability, high strength, but also good corrosion resistance. 7,6201 high strength conductive rods with wire.

7. 6205 thick sheets, pedals and high impact resistant extrusions.

8. 6262 Threaded high-stress parts with corrosion resistance better than 2011 and 2017 alloys are required.

9. 6351 vehicle extruded structural parts, water, oil and other pipelines.

10. 6463 Building and various appliance profiles, as well as car decoration parts with bright surfaces after anodizing treatment.

11. 6A02 aircraft engine parts, complex forgings and die forgings.

Aluminum sheets manufacturer – Mingtai aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum sheet manufacturer that guarantees the quality of 1, 3, 5, and 6 series aluminum sheets. At the same time, it has introduced six-high cold rolling mill equipment, which can produce aluminum sheets  up to 2600 mm and lengths up to 15,000 mm, which can meet different requirements. Specification requirements. I believe you already know where to get aluminum at this time.