where to buy diamond plate aluminum?

where to buy diamond plate aluminum

where to buy diamond plate aluminum

Diamond plate aluminum is mainly used in new energy vehicles, construction and other occasions. Mingtai aluminum industry has 23 years of experience in producing this type of aluminum plate. When there is a question of where to buy diamond plate aluminum, Mingtai is a reliable choice. Let’s follow Mingtai aluminum sheet supplier to understand which types of diamond plates can be divided into different aluminum alloy compositions?

High purity aluminum alloy diamond plate

The aluminum alloy profile pattern plate produced and processed with 1xxx grade aluminum plate as the base plate can be integrated into the usual natural environment with high quality and low price. This type of pattern aluminum plate is often used in general cold storage, wooden floors, and outer packaging boxes.

Al-Mn alloy diamond plate aluminum

This kind of aluminum plate is produced and processed with 3xxx grade aluminum alloy as the key raw material. The compressive strength is slightly higher than the general 1xxx grade, but the corrosion resistance and strength are weaker than 5xxx grade. Therefore, this specification is generally used for large trucks and cold storage wood Ground.

Ti-Al-Mg alloy diamond plate

The aluminum plates of the 5xxx grade series products are produced and processed from raw materials, with 5052 aluminum sheet or 5083 aluminum sheet as the meaning of excellent corrosion resistance, high toughness, and excellent anti-rust treatment. It has a wide range of applications in ships. This type of aluminum plate has high strength and very good load capacity.

Precautions for selecting diamond plate aluminum

Diamond plate aluminum is commonly used in construction, trucks or large equipment, mainly because it has a certain anti-skid and beautiful effect. Here are some aspects to pay attention to when you are looking for where to buy diamond plate aluminum near me.

where to buy diamond plate aluminum near me

where to buy diamond plate aluminum near me

1. Product parameters

The thickness, strength and oxide film thickness of diamond plate aluminum should comply with national standards: the thickness of the aluminum plate is greater than 1.2mm, the tensile strength is greater than 157 N/mm2, and the yield strength is greater than 108 N/mm2. The thickness of the oxide film is greater than 10 microns. If it does not meet the specifications, it is a residual pattern aluminum plate.

2. Processing technology

Generally, the coils produced by large-scale aluminum coil manufacturers have the advantages of fine material, smooth surface, clear and regular patterns, flat aluminum plates and no oily appearance. Mingtai is such a large manufacturer. If it is produced in a small factory, the product is likely to be substandard and of poor quality.

3. Quotation

The price of aluminum diamond plate for pure aluminum and alloy is also different. The processing cost of the manufacturer’s production is higher than that of pure aluminum.

4. Logistics service

Large manufacturers like Mingtai, aluminum diamond plate will be wrapped with standard cardboard, wooden pallets or wooden boxes fixed, can also meet the special requirements of customers customized, and there are fixed cooperation service quality freight forwarders.

The choice of diamond plate aluminum should focus on these aspects. After Mingtai aluminum coil manufacturer gave it to everyone, how to choose aluminum diamond plate? where to buy diamond plate aluminum? Do you have a clear understanding? If you have any doubts or need products, please contact Mingtai in time guojianbin@mingtai-al.com