What is 3003 aluminum used for-for curtain wall

What is 3003 aluminum used for? Aluminum plate is a commonly used material for modern curtain walls. It can use 1100 aluminum, 3003 aluminum, 5005 aluminum, and 5052 aluminum as the base material, and the commonly used thickness is 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm and other specifications. 3003 aluminum for curtain wall is a common product of aluminum-manganese alloy series. Due to the manganese alloy element, this product has excellent anti-rust properties, also known as anti-rust aluminum plate.
With the rapid development of the domestic construction industry, light-weight environmental protection materials have been paid attention to. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have low density and light weight, and are widely used in construction. The curtain wall is a lightweight wall with decorative effect commonly used in modern buildings. It consists of a panel and a supporting structure behind it. The panel part can be made of 3003 aluminum plate with a temper of H24. Aluminum alloy curtain wall has good rigidity, light weight, high strength, low maintenance cost, high cost performance and high recyclability value.
what is 3003 aluminum used for

3003 aluminum used for battery case

With the development of new energy vehicles, the demand for power batteries has increased. As the carrier of the battery module, the battery case plays a key role in the stable operation and safety protection of the battery module. The battery case is required to have certain strength, rigidity, and collision safety. 3003 aluminum alloy is widely used in battery shell materials because of its easy forming, excellent comprehensive machining performance, good corrosion resistance, light specific gravity, moderate strength and strong anti-knock ability.
3003 aluminum welding

3003 aluminum used for-for home appliances

3003 aluminum is an aluminum alloy material that meets the performance requirements of some household appliances. It is a typical Al-Mn alloy. This material has good formability, very good corrosion resistance and weldability. The non-stick coating in the pots produced with it should be smooth, the color, covering power and gloss should be basically uniform, no bubbles, no falling off, and the coating is hot-melted, free of obvious defects such as dirt, cracks and explosion points.
1100 vs 3003 aluminum

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