Thinnest aluminum sheet

The approximate thickness of the thinnest aluminum sheet is in the range of 0.2mm-0.4mm, which can be processed by stamping, welding, etc., and is more used for decorative purposes such as curtain wall gussets. Due to consulting
There are many customers for the thinnest aluminum sheet information. Here is a detailed introduction.


Stamping of the thinnest aluminum sheet

The thickness of the thinnest aluminum sheet is about 0.4mm and can be punched in radian. Too thin is not easy to control, aluminum is inherently soft. If your arc is used to match the rubber sheet, you can also consider using aluminum foil, but they are not suitable. At present, the more mature plan to use the aluminum sheet for arc is that the stamping and forming of thickness above 0.4mm can basically be done. It is generally used for press molding, and aluminum gussets are more used.


Welding of the thinnest aluminum sheet

When welding the thinnest aluminum sheet, the choice of flame requires a neutral flame or a slight carbonized flame. In order to prevent the oxidation of aluminum, it is strictly prohibited to use oxidizing flame. The size of the welding nozzle should be determined according to the thickness of the plate. Thin aluminum plates are easy to burn through. You can choose a welding nozzle that is one size smaller than that of low-carbon steel welding. For thicker weldments, you can choose a larger welding nozzle.

Tack welding method

In order to fix the relative position of the weldment and prevent deformation, it is necessary to tack weld the weldment. The positioning pitch of plate thickness | less than 1.55mm is 10-20mm; the positioning pitch of plate thickness less than 5mm is 30-50mm. Preheating before welding For thin and small aluminum parts, if the rigidity is not large, preheating is not necessary before welding. For weldments with a thickness greater than 5mm, the weldments need to be preheated to 200 ~ 300 ℃ to reduce welding deformation and welding cracks.

thinnest aluminum sheet price-market aluminum ingot price

The price of the thinnest aluminum sheet includes aluminum ingot price and processing cost. In terms of specifications, it is also necessary to determine its width, length, state, and dosage. There are certain factors such as an ultra-wide aluminum sheet or thinnest aluminum sheet. The price of ultra-wide aluminum sheet or thin aluminum sheet metal is more expensive than that of conventional specifications. The price of the hot-rolled aluminum sheet is higher than that of the cast-rolled aluminum sheet. It is expensive.

thinnest aluminum sheet manufacturers

Mingtai is a large-scale aluminum processing enterprise in China with a high reputation. The manufacturer is strong and has more input costs than small manufacturers. The price of the thinnest aluminum sheet under the same specifications is slightly more expensive than that of small manufacturers, but the quality of production will be better.

Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum sheet manufacturer, constantly improving itself, introducing advanced foreign production equipment, improving its own processing technology, using high-quality aluminum ingot raw materials, and producing the thinnest aluminum sheet with guaranteed quality.