standard aluminum sheet thickness and width

For aluminum sheet, it is customary in the world that the thickness is above 0.2mm and below 500mm, which is also the standard aluminum sheet thickness. The standard width of aluminum sheet is above 200mm, the standard length is within 16m, the standard length is within 16m, the aluminum foil is within 0.2mm, and the aluminum strip is within 200mm.


Aluminum sheet refers to the rectangular sheet made by rolling aluminum ingot, which is divided into pure aluminum sheet, alloy aluminum sheet, thin aluminum sheet, medium thickness aluminum sheet, super thick aluminum sheet plate and aluminum tread plate. Next, introduce the specifications and models of commonly used aluminum plates.

Standard aluminum sheet size info

1. Pure aluminum sheet: 1050/ 1060/ 1070/ 1100/ 1200/; The standard aluminum sheet thickness: 0.1–20mm width: 200–2200mm;
2. Alloy aluminum sheet plate: 2A21/ 3003/ 5052/ 5083/ 6061/ 6082 /8011; The standard aluminum sheet thickness: 0.5–260mm Width: 200–2800mm;
3. Sheet material: 1060/1100/8011/3003/3004/5052 Thickness: 0.1–10mm Width: 600–2000mm;
4. Patterned and checkered aluminum plate: thickness: 0.8-12mm, width: 1000–1900mm, material: 1060/5052/5754 2. Pattern type: big five ribs, small five ribs, three ribs, pointer type, diamond, orange peel pattern;
5. Medium and heavy plates: standard thickness 6.0–25.0mm;
6. Ultra-thick aluminum plate: standard thickness above 200;


standard aluminum sheet application scope

1. Lighting decoration, such as 3003,3004 aluminum sheet;
2. Solar reflective sheet;
3. Building appearance;
4. Interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc;
5. Furniture, cabinets;
6. Elevator 7. Signs, nameplates, luggage;
8. Car interior and exterior decoration;
9. Interior decorations: such as photo frames;
10. Household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc;
11. Basic materials for automobiles and ships;
12. Aerospace, military, satellite, etc;
13. Mechanical parts processing;
14. Mold manufacturing;
15. Chemical/Insulation pipe coating;

standard aluminum sheet custom manufacturer-Mingtai Al.

Mingtai Al. industrial Co.,Ltd belongs to the factory direct sales model. The export aluminum sheet thickness specifications are customized according to the standard, ultra-thick aluminum alloy sheet, medium thickness sheet, stretched aluminum alloy sheet, used for oxidized aluminum alloy sheet, pattern aluminum sheet (five Tendon, orange peel pattern, lentil pattern, etc.) ultra-thin aluminum alloy sheet and other products with a wide range of uses.

Mingtai Al. aluminum sheet packaging and shipping standards

1. Clip or cover the aluminum sheet to ensure that the surface of the aluminum sheet is intact and free of scratches;
2. Plastic or kraft paper packages are used to prevent moisture and rain, and to ensure that the aluminum plate is clean and free of dirt during transportation (each package has a moisture-proof desiccant to ensure the quality of our products in East China and South China where there is more rain);
3. Install wooden pallets and use steel belts to reinforce them to avoid collisions during transportation and ensure that the geometric shape of the aluminum plate remains unchanged;
4. Export products are packed in wooden boxes and brackets with fumigation marks;
5. Packing according to other packaging requirements of customers;