Stamped aluminum sheet

Stamped aluminum sheet is also called deep drawing aluminum sheets, which belongs to Mingtai advantage product. Stamped aluminum sheets products are mainly used in storage devices, electrical appliances, lighting components, and automotive industries. The main products are 1 series, 3 series, and 5 series aluminum sheet products.

Advantages of stamped aluminum sheet

1. Adopt soaking technology: improve product plasticity

The soaking technology mainly includes three stages of heating, heat preservation and cooling, which can eliminate internal stress, reduce intragranular segregation and unevenness of the structure, and greatly improve the stretchability and plasticity of stamped aluminum sheet.

2. Using filtering technology: the product is beautiful and free of impurities

Using glass cloth filtration, deep bed filtration, ceramic tube filtration and foam ceramic filtration and other multiple filtration processes to screen out impurity particles to ensure that the stamped aluminum sheet is beautiful and free of impurities.

3. Adopt the industry’s advanced foil rolling mill: the thickness can be as thin as 0.02mm

The foil rolling machine uses the industry’s advanced ANDRITZ profile rolls and Honeywell thickness gauges, which can precisely control the stamped aluminum sheet profile and export thickness. The product export thickness can be as small as 0.02mm and the width can reach 1800mm. Meet the different process requirements of customers.

stamped aluminum sheet product specifications

The aluminum alloy series that can be used for stamping are 1, 3, 5, and 8 alloy series. Taking the 5182 aluminum sheet of the 5 series as an example. After determining its thickness and state, and the width of the aluminum plate, the aluminum sheet supplier can give the user specific The price of 5182 stamped aluminum sheet can be obtained by adding the market price of aluminum ingots to the price of 5182stamped aluminum sheet. The input cost of each manufacturer is different, and the quotation is also different. It is recommended to choose the one with higher cost performance.


Choose the right aluminum sheet supplier brand

Mingtai’s scale and strength in the Chinese market are constantly expanding. The products are not only well-known at home, but also have a large market abroad, and the product quality has been widely recognized by users, because of the product quality of stamped aluminum sheet , After-sales service is guaranteed, and the economic value that can be created for customers is great.

Mingtai Aluminum can process and customize stamped aluminum sheet materials of various specifications, various alloy series, complete specifications, which can be flattened, cut, laminated, and slit, and the thickness is 0.2mm-500mm. At the same time, the aluminum sheet supplier does It is possible to reduce costs for customers.