Quarter inch aluminum sheet

In the construction industry, traditional wooden formwork is being replaced by quarter inch aluminum sheet materials. Although the initial investment is huge, quarter-inch aluminum sheet has many advantages that wooden templates can’t match. Let’s make it clear for everyone:


What are the main advantages of quarter inch aluminum sheet?

1. Standardization

As a template, no matter what material it is, the most important point is the standard. Traditional wooden formwork is restricted by materials and cannot be processed on a large scale. The precision of the formwork is not high, and it is easily affected by humidity and temperature changes. The influence of humidity and temperature changes effectively guarantees and improves the standardization of construction projects.

2. High strength

Compared with wooden formwork, quarter inch aluminum sheet has higher hardness and strength. In the complex construction environment, the durability of aluminum alloy formwork is much higher than that of wooden formwork, which can effectively shorten the construction period, improve construction quality and reduce The unnecessary trouble caused by the secondary construction.

3. Low input cost

The wooden mold has a short service life. Although the unit price is cheap and the initial investment is small, it needs to be replaced constantly in the construction project. Multiple purchases are also a large cost; and the quarter inch aluminum sheet has a long service life and can be reused many times. Therefore, although the initial investment is high, in the long run, the economic benefits of aluminum alloy template are higher.

4. Recyclable

Aluminum alloy quarter inch aluminum sheet is an environmentally friendly material with high recyclability. After the template is scrapped, the recycling price can reach more than 80% of the raw material price, and it can be recycled multiple times; while the wooden template is basically one-time use and has a long life Short, there is no recycling value after scrapping, and the production of wooden formwork requires cutting down a lot of trees, which is destructive to the environment.

5. Good stability and high bearing capacity

The quarter inch aluminum sheet has high accuracy. In the actual construction process, different parts of the aluminum alloy template can be seamlessly spliced ​​and assembled with corresponding specifications. After the assembly work of the system is completed, an overall frame can be formed, which is stable Features good performance and high carrying capacity.