perforated aluminum sheet metal

Due to perforated aluminum sheet metal mostly uses the punching process, it is often called a perforated aluminum sheet. It is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material by mechanical pressure processing (shearing or sawing) to obtain a rectangular cross-section and thickness uniform sheet material with various holes. The perforated aluminum sheet has a beautiful appearance and a good decoration effect. It can be used to improve the sound quality of buildings, and can also be used in various workshops and air defense basements as noise reduction measures.

Performance of perforated aluminum sheet metal

Perforated aluminum sheet metal is a new product that reduces noise and has decorative effects. The specific performance characteristics are as follows:


1. Perforated aluminum sheet metal is light, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, fireproof, moisture-proof, shockproof, chemically stable, beautiful in appearance, elegant in color, strong three-dimensional, and good decorative effect.

2. The application of lightweight, stable, lightweight aluminum sheet combined with perforation reduces the weight of the material, which is very beneficial to the structural load-bearing and the lightness of the rod design.

3. The façade is simple and vivid, and patterns are formed through regular perforations, making them succinct façade rich and lively.

4. The perforated aluminum sheet metal greatly reduces the shading coefficient of the glass and plays a good role in shading, thereby reducing the influence of solar radiation on the room, blocking direct sunlight, preventing glare, making the indoor illuminance evenly distributed, and helping vision Works normally.


5. Simple process, convenient installation, and maintenance.

Types of perforated aluminum sheet metal

There are many types of perforated aluminum sheet metal to meet the needs of different construction engineering fields and consumer decoration needs. Currently, the perforated aluminum sheets are classified according to their alloy composition and thickness.


The aluminum substrate models of perforated aluminum sheet metal used are 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5052, 5083, 6061, 7075, etc. These products can be provided by aluminum sheet supplier.

According to the alloy composition, it is divided into a high-purity aluminum sheet, pure aluminum sheet, alloy aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet, or welding sheet, and aluminum-clad aluminum sheet.

According to thickness: thin sheet (0.15mm—2.0mm), conventional sheet (2.0mm—6.0mm), medium sheet (6.0mm—25.0mm), thick sheet plate (25mm—200mm), five-ribbed pattern aluminum sheet, and super thick plate (>200mm), etc.

Application effect of perforated aluminum sheet metal in construction

Perforated aluminum sheet metal, as a new building exterior skin material, is widely used in construction. Because perforated aluminum can form a translucent interface between the urban street space and the interior of the building, it will not affect the use requirements of the building too much. At the same time, it can unify the facade effect and form a complete and orderly urban interface, which is convenient And the changeable artistic modeling is more and more favored by many designers.


The perforated aluminum sheet skin surrounds the building. During the day, you can see from the outside to the inside. With the change of light and viewing angle, you can feel the spacious and beautiful building interface. After entering the night, the brightness of the indoor space is higher than that of the outdoor space, and the light penetrates the perforated aluminum skin to infect the outdoors, which is still a beautiful landscape.


Aluminum is a metal with high ductility, low density, and good electrical conductivity. Perforated aluminum sheet metal inherits this characteristic and has good effects in architectural applications and enriches architectural expressiveness.