Multipurpose 6061 aluminum

6061 aluminum is a relatively early developed (1935), and is one of the more commonly used commercial heat-treatable aluminum alloys. The alloying elements of multipurpose 6061 aluminum are aluminum, magnesium and silicon. Other metal elements include iron, copper, chromium, zinc, manganese and titanium, in descending order of quantity. 6061 aluminum sheets set the standard for medium to high-strength, lightweight, and economical materials. Early alloys are susceptible to stress corrosion cracking, but the addition of less chromium makes the alloys have relatively high corrosion resistance.

Multipurpose 6061 aluminum for industry

Multipurpose 6061 aluminum is used in industry. Here we mainly introduce the machinery manufacturing industry.
Its specific applications include wheels, pulleys, cranes, ventilators, centrifuges, engine cylinders and pump parts, pistons, etc. As we all know, the density of aluminum and aluminum alloys is low. However, at the same time, it has a certain strength and hardness, meets different performance requirements, and can also reduce energy consumption during mechanical operation. Assuming that the same energy is used, the operating speed is greatly increased, and the service life of the mechanical parts is relatively extended. Machines with light weight and small size are naturally more suitable for operations such as production, transportation and installation.
multipurpose 6061 aluminum

Uses of multipurpose 6061 aluminum

6061 aluminum sheets are widely used as building materials and more commonly used in the manufacture of auto parts. 6061 aluminum sheets are very suitable for the construction of yachts, motorcycles, bicycle frames, diving boxes, camera lenses, fishing reels, electrical accessories, couplings and valves. It is used in the construction of aluminum cans, and the aluminum foil wrapping paper in the food container is usually made of 6061 aluminum. 6000 series aluminum also has many uses, such as bridge decks and roof structures of large stadiums.

The performance of multipurpose 6061 aluminum

The properties of 6061 aluminum include its structural strength and toughness, good surface finish, good corrosion resistance to the atmosphere and seawater, machinability, and the ability to be easily welded and connected. Most other aluminum alloys are difficult to weld due to their chemical composition and lack of electrical conductivity. Although the welded 6061 aluminum sheet material may lose some strength, it can be reheated and artificially aged again to restore its strength.
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Welding use of multipurpose 6061 aluminum

Aluminum oxide film is usually produced on the surface of aluminum. Although it can protect the surface, the disadvantage is that it is easy to produce inclusions in the weld. Once so, it will destroy the continuity and uniformity of the metal, and reduce its mechanical and corrosion resistance. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of common base materials and welding wires. Quality is the focus of selection. How to judge quality is mainly from aspects such as craftsmanship and performance. If the process looks rough, the quality of the aluminum skin is likely to be problematic. Try not to choose this material. Once you choose it, the consequence is that it cannot meet its needs and affect the progress of the project.
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How to choose multipurpose 6061 aluminum

Choosing multipurpose 6061 aluminum is not easy, and high-quality materials can only be selected through comparison. At the same time, for 6061 aluminum plate manufacturers, you can choose a reliable manufacturer, so that you can choose the right 6061 aluminum. Here we need to remind all customers that when choosing a manufacturer, we must also pay attention to service, popularity, etc., before we can choose a reliable manufacturer, such as Mingtai Aluminium Industrial.