Introduction of Stretched Aluminum Sheet:

With the changes in product style requirements and our pursuit of various aesthetics, we have paid more and more attention to the stretching process and began to try processing. But friends who are new to contact must not know what kind of aluminum sheet can be stretched? But don’t be careful, we, as a professional aluminum plate manufacturer, will summarize the types of stretched aluminum sheet for you.
stretched aluminum sheet

What are the models of stretched aluminum sheets?

1.1 series 1060 stretched aluminum sheet: The representative product of 1 series aluminum sheet should be a 1060 aluminum sheet. The annealing state suitable for 1060 alloy aluminum sheet stretching is H22, H24, O state. Generally speaking, if the drawing is relatively deep, it is suitable to use the 1060-O state aluminum sheet. If it is said that the general depth is not high and the aluminum sheet needs to be maintained with a certain degree of hardness, then it is recommended to use H22 and H24 states of these.
2.3 series 3003 stretched aluminum sheet: conventionally used for the stamping is not high and need to maintain the hardness to a large extent, we generally recommend the use of 3003 stretched aluminum sheet for processing. Because 3 series products generally have high manganese content, generally you can consider choosing O temper to compensate for the hardness of 3 series aluminum plates.
stretched aluminum sheet
3.5 Series 5052 stretched aluminum sheet: 5052 aluminum sheet is currently a more commonly used aluminum sheet base material. The corresponding oxidation process and stamping process are the raw materials for the stretched aluminum sheet process we are talking about. Because 5052 aluminum sheet has excellent weldability and can be processed by oxidation treatment, 5052 stretched aluminum sheet is generally recommended to be suitable for use with secondary processing and can be considered as the first material.
4. 6 series 6063 stretched aluminum sheet: 6-series alloy aluminum sheet is known as the originator of door and window materials, because 6063 aluminum plate is used in the field of door and window extrusion, which has relatively good toughness, and can well ensure that doors and windows have a high degree of wind resistance Pressure, corrosion resistance, and decoration, etc. Therefore, this model of 6063 stretched aluminum plate is also used in this kind of field. For example, fan housing, equipment cover, freezer fan housing, and other fields all use a 6063 stretched aluminum plate as the base material.