Marine grade aluminum sheet price

Steel is a traditional material used in the shipbuilding industry due to its excellent mechanical properties and low manufacturing cost. However, as technology improves, the demand for larger and lighter ships continues to grow, and alternative materials must be found. Aluminum alloys are a good choice because they have high corrosion resistance, are lighter and are considered economical in the long run. The marine grade aluminum sheet price has naturally become a concern of people. After all, people need to know whether the marine grade aluminum sheet price is very different from the steel material.
Marine grade aluminum sheet price

Marine grade aluminum sheet price and characteristics

Different alloys have different marine grade aluminum sheet, and naturally they also have different marine grade aluminum sheet prices.
Al-Si alloy:
High fluidity, castable and weldable
Medium intensity
Ideal for castings that are resistant to leakage and fatigue
Key components used in marine applications
Aluminum-magnesium alloy:
Not heat-treatable
Highly resistant to corrosion, even in salt water
Suitable for components exposed to seawater
Strain hardening
Easy to solder
Very tough even at low temperatures
Medium intensity
Al-Mg-Si alloy
Heat treatable
Highly corrosion resistant
Medium intensity
marine aluminum price

Some questions about marine grade aluminum sheet price

1.How to get samples?
We provide you with samples for free. The specifications are similar to A4 paper.
2.Do you have any certificates?
Our products have passed the inspections of CCS, ABS, LR, and BV. Quality is the top priority! Every worker maintains quality control from start to finish, and the quality control department is especially responsible for quality inspections in each process.
3.How to package the product?
We have certain packaging standards.
The board is wooden pallet + plastic film + kraft paper
The coil is plastic film + shockproof film + wooden support
Most of the aluminum foil is wooden box
Of course, it can also be changed according to your packaging requirements.
4.If I want to get the marine grade aluminum sheet price, what information should I let you know?
1) Product specifications (length×width×thickness);
2) Tempering and alloying. If you are not sure about the alloy, you can tell us your end use, and here you can recommend it.
3) The final product you will use
If you have a specific product, but you don’t know the alloy of the product, you can show us pictures or design sketches, that would be better. The sample will be the best proof. If not, we will recommend related products and provide detailed information for reference. We usually customize products according to customer needs. If there are samples, the accuracy will be higher, but it is not necessary.