Marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturer

Is the marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturer important? Of course. The choice of marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturer is related to the marine grade aluminum sheet price, because different marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturers have different product costs, as well as sales models, plant size, technicians, workers, raw material quality, processing equipment, etc. , These are all different. If you want to buy marine grade aluminum sheet with high quality and low price, it is best to know how to choose a suitable aluminum sheet manufacturer. Considering all factors, China Mingtai Aluminum is recommended.
marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturer

Marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturer marine use

Marine grade aluminum sheet is used in ships, regardless of whether it is the main body or parts. With regard to freight ships, it mainly transports goods, generally international transportation. Although it has the disadvantages of low speed and high risk, its advantages such as large throughput capacity, large volume, low freight, and strong adaptability to goods, coupled with the unique geographical conditions of the world, make it an international trade center. The main mode of transportation. Due to the rise and development of container transportation, not only has cargo transportation developed in the direction of integration and rationalization, but also saved cargo packaging materials and freight costs, reduced cargo damage and cargo difference, guaranteed transportation quality, shortened transportation time, and reduced transportation cost. Marine grade aluminum sheet has been well applied on freight ships.
5083 marine aluminum sheet

Marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturer 5086 aluminum sheet

5086 marine aluminum sheet, anti-rust aluminum sheet, belongs to the 5 series Al-Mg alloy, and the magnesium content generally does not exceed 7%. What is the effect of increased magnesium content? The strength of the alloy is increased, but the plasticity is decreased.
According to the content of magnesium, 5086 anti-rust aluminum sheet can be classified into three categories: low magnesium content, medium magnesium content and high magnesium content.
The aluminum alloy with low magnesium content is non-heat-treatable and low-strength aluminum alloy with good weldability and superior performance in the marine environment.
5086 marine aluminum sheet
Aluminum sheets with medium magnesium content are generally manufactured for pipes and containers with high plasticity and medium corrosion resistance.
Aluminum sheets with high magnesium content are generally used for ordinary welding of pipes, liquid containers and other parts. 5086 aluminum flakes belong to the category with low magnesium content, and 5086 aluminum flakes also belong to the category that can resist the marine environment and climate. The density is higher than other aluminum alloys, and the corrosion resistance is very good.