large aluminum sheets & large aluminum plate

The person in charge of Mingtai Aluminum Group said that the large aluminum sheets project is one of the key projects this year. In September of this year, Mingtai Aluminum successfully produced the first batch of large aluminum plate sheets. After follow-up inspection, the yield rate was nearly 10% higher than the first batch of products.large-aluminum-sheets

Large aluminum sheets application

Due to the special specifications of large aluminum sheets, their application areas are also unconventional. Such as large silos, tanker bodies, large ships, aircraft bodies, etc. These applications have relatively high requirements for corrosion resistance and machining performance. The large aluminum sheets for sale produced by Mingtai are available in 3, 5, 6, 7, and other aluminum alloy series.


The large aluminum plate sheets size

Generally speaking, aluminum plates with a thickness between 0.15-180 mm and a width between 500mm-2000mm are conventional aluminum sheet. If the size exceeds this range, they are large aluminum plate sheets. The maximum thickness of large aluminum sheets for sale that Mingtai can produce is 500mm, the maximum width is 2600mm, and the maximum length is 15000mm.

How does Mingtai produce large aluminum plate?

A large aluminum plate greater than 11 meters in length has never been produced by Mingtai aluminum before. In order to save research time, the project team continued to optimize product performance, specifications, and parameters according to user requirements, and selected from three feasible solutions for multiple comparisons. In the end, the best and most reliable solution was selected.


In order to save production time to the greatest extent and increase the success rate of research and development, the Mingtai aluminum sheet supplier project team used other types of materials to test on the equipment several times before formal production, repeatedly testing various parameters, in order to find the best production conditions. In the production process, high-efficiency roller machines are used, and the technicians also follow up on each process to ensure timely detection and treatment of production problems.

At present, Mingtai has established direct cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies that demand large aluminum sheets plate to provide them with aluminum sheets plate products. With the successful production of the large aluminum plate this time, “Mingtai” aluminum will further expand its global sales market.