How to buy aluminum sheet with high quality

When buy aluminum sheet, we all want to buy the best one, with guaranteed quality and after-sales guarantee. As aluminum sheet is a large-volume metal substrate product, how to choose a better aluminum sheet among many aluminum sheet supplier? Mingtai Aluminum’s summary can be considered from the following five aspects.


1, Check the outer packaging of the aluminum sheet

Buy aluminum sheet You need to check the outer packaging of the aluminum sheet. Paying attention to good packaging not only shows the strength of aluminum sheet manufacturers, and they are willing to pay a lot of money on product packaging, but also shows that they pay more attention to product protection, and also show that good management of aluminum sheet production.


2, Check the surface of the aluminum sheet

High-quality aluminum sheet, no defects such as roll marks, black spots, scratches, oil spots, corrosion, fission, etc. on the surface; the sheet shape is flat without obvious bending; the diagonals of the single aluminum sheets are consistent; the entire aluminum sheet is placed neatly, and each aluminum sheet Length and width are the same. If the surface of the aluminum sheet is covered with a protective film, remove the protective film, at least check the entire width of the sheet , to avoid defects being covered.


3, The size measured with a measuring tool

According to requirements, select products provided by aluminum sheet  manufacturers for evaluation, and select different measuring tools according to the magnitude of the measured size to measure the thickness, width, length, unevenness, and diagonal of the aluminum sheet . At least three points are selected for each measurement to measure whether the aluminum sheet size or error is uniform and whether it is within the national standard. After the data is up to standard, buy aluminum sheet can be considered.


4, Check the qualification certificate of the aluminum sheet

The standard aluminum plate production process will test the composition and performance of each batch of aluminum plates before leaving the warehouse. The material qualification certificate can be used to judge whether the composition and performance of the aluminum sheet meet the standards.

5. After-sale service

Understand how the manufacturer’s after-sales service is. If problems are encountered, they can be resolved in time, so that the purchase of aluminum sheet can be more worry-free.

The above is the suggestion on “how to buy aluminum sheet?” provided by Henan Mingtai Aluminum. Mingtai Aluminum itself is also a high-quality manufacturer and exporter. The aluminum sheet production covers 1-8 series. If you want to know more about aluminum sheet knowledge, please feel free to consult online.