Half inch thick aluminum plate

Half inch thick aluminum plate has high plasticity under annealing conditions, and the alloy material has good corrosion resistance and acceptable weldability. Half inch aluminum plate is suitable for spot welding, atomic hydrogen welding, gas welding, argon arc welding and other welding methods. Please see the following analysis for its prices and manufacturers.


How much is the half inch aluminum plate price? It is a question that users frequently consult. However, the price of its price needs to be analyzed in detail, because there are many factors that can affect its price, and it needs to be combined with the actual requirements of the length, width and alloy temper of the aluminum plate. In addition to this In addition to a few key factors, the manufacturer’s input costs are also required.

Half inch aluminum plate price detailed analysis

There are many half inch aluminum plate manufacturers, and the pricing of each manufacturer will be different. There are many types of aluminum alloys that can produce Half inch thick, which is 1/2 inch aluminum plate, and the common 1-7 series can be used. Of course, the price of different alloys is also different. The specific price factors are introduced as follows:


1. Specification status. The use of half inch thick aluminum plate determines its specifications. The thickness and condition of the aluminum plates are different, and the price is also very different.

2. Procurement of raw materials. Generally, manufacturers have their own fixed raw material procurement manufacturers, and the raw materials purchased by well-known large manufacturers will be of higher quality. Compared with the cost of raw materials invested by small manufacturers, the price is relatively more expensive.

3. Technical level. Different manufacturers have different requirements for processing and production technology, and the difficulty of their production technology is also a factor that directly affects the price of half inch aluminum plate.

4. Fluctuations in market aluminum ingot prices.

Half inch aluminum plate manufacturer

Henan Mingtai Aluminum, a well-known half inch aluminum plate manufacturer in China, is a professional manufacturer of raw aluminum plates, strips and foils. It has introduced advanced foreign production equipment and mature processing skills, and selected high-quality raw materials through a series of processing and production. High-quality aluminum alloy products are recognized and trusted by users.

As a well-known aluminum plate manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum has gradually formed a production and service system integrating scientific research, processing, manufacturing and sales after 23 years of development. The product models and specifications are relatively complete, the technical level is high, and the workmanship is exquisite. It has a number of holding companies, more than 5,000 technical personnel and operating personnel, with strong strength and high quality equipment.