Cost of sheet aluminium

Sheet aluminium is also widely used nowadays, and has a variety of classifications, and different classifications have different functions. However, the price of sheet aluminium is not static. The main factors affecting the cost of sheet aluminium are as follows:

Technical affects the cost of sheet aluminium

The quality of sheet aluminium is affected by processing technology to a certain extent. Generally speaking, the higher the technicality, the higher the cost of sheet aluminium will be in the production process. This is because professional technicians and advanced processing equipment require more investment. Many, so the price is relatively high.

Direct sales manufacturer Reduce purchase cost

Everyone knows that the goods directly from the factory are much cheaper than those from the agent. This is because the agent has to make a difference, and the cost of sheet aluminium is also increased accordingly. Mingtai Aluminum is a direct sales manufacturer and comes directly from the factory. The goods are basically the lowest price of the product, so the product price of the manufacturer is lower than the price of the trader.

Pay method (L/C, T/T, D/P)

The method of pay will also affect the purchase of cost of sheet aluminium. Common L/C, T/T, D/P, L/C are currently the most important and most commonly used payment methods. T/T is more convenient, fast, and flexible, and it will save costs in terms of time; in D In the /P mode, since the bank only provides services such as forwarding documents, presenting documents on behalf, and transferring accounts on behalf of collections, the processing of documents will also take time and cost.

The mode of transportation affects the cost of sheet aluminium

Logistics transportation cost is a kind of aluminum sheet cost, and it is not the same. There are air transportation, sea transportation and land transportation respectively. The most convenient option should be selected and the transportation cost should be minimized.

Different alloy states will affect the cost of sheet aluminium

For the same type of alloy, the alloy state is different, and the added alloy is different, and the cost and price are also different. The processing technology and production requirements of different alloys are different, which will also affect the cost and price.

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