Checker aluminium sheet Turkey

When you hear the name of checker aluminium sheet Turkey, you need to really understand it. Imagine according to its name, it should be an aluminum product with a pattern on the surface, which is also true.
There are many kinds of patterns of checker aluminium sheet, but there are only a few common patterns. Like checker aluminium sheet 5 bar, 1 bar (diamond pattern), orange peel pattern, in addition to these types, there are lentil, spherical, wavy, diamond and other checker aluminium sheets. These patterns are widely loved by consumers. According to the different patterns, they will be used in different scenes.
checker aluminium sheet Turkey

Checker aluminium sheet Turkey 5 bar

The 5 bar pattern is very similar to willow leaves. The 5 bar checker aluminium sheet has anti-skid work ability, and is widely used in the overall planning of construction methods and other aspects. Its special feature is that the pattern on the surface of the aluminum sheet is five different patterns of different heights, which are placed in accordance with the relative parallel planes, and each pattern and other patterns show an angle of 60-80 degrees, so this pattern has anti-slip effect. Generally, the 1000 series 5 bar aluminum sheet is used for anti-slip, which has anti-slip effect and is cheaper.
checker aluminium sheet

Checker aluminium sheet Turkey orange peel pattern

There are two types of orange peel patterns, one is the classic orange peel pattern, and the other is the shape of a small bug. Its surface shows a pattern similar to orange peel, so it is also a kind of orange peel pattern. It is often used in the home appliance industry, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging products for some products.

Checker aluminium sheet Turkey spherical pattern

The spherical aluminum checker plate can also be called hemispherical aluminum checker plate. The surface shows a small spherical pattern, like a small natural pearl, so this aluminum sheet can be changed into a pearl-shaped aluminum sheet. Mainly used at the outer packaging box level. The appearance is more beautiful. Due to the special pattern, the compressive strength of this aluminum sheet is much higher than other pattern series products.
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Checker aluminium sheet Turkey lentil type

Lentil type is also a commonly used non-slip aluminum sheet. The anti-skid effect is outstanding, and it is mainly used for the anti-skid of the carriage, aisle, refrigerator interior, floor anti-skid, factory floor anti-skid, elevator anti-skid.

Checker aluminium sheet Turkey needs maintenance

Finally, henan Mingtai Aluminum introduces that checker aluminium sheet is a kind of metal material. In daily use, scientific maintenance methods can make its service life longer. First, clean regularly. Clean the stained surface with water or a corresponding cleaning agent. The remaining stains can easily cause corrosion and deformation of the board surface. Second, use a professional spray to spray the surface of the aluminum sheet. On the one hand, it will form an obstacle to the pattern of the aluminum sheet. Significantly. On the other hand, it can play a role in beautifying decoration and better integrate into the use environment.