brushed aluminum sheets

Brushed aluminum sheets refers to the pressure processing of aluminum sheets, the aluminum sheet is forced to pass through the mold under the action of external force, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the aluminum sheet is compressed, and the required cross-sectional area shape and size of the aluminum sheet are obtained. The tool that changes the shape and size is called a drawing die.


Brushed aluminum sheets made of pure aluminum

The colors of brushed aluminum sheets are very rich, and various colors make brushed aluminum sheets more widely used. And there are many kinds of aluminum sheets suitable for drawing aluminum sheets. The drawing aluminum sheets made of pure aluminum sheets are the most common and the simplest process. Therefore, the price is also the cheapest one, and it is also the most common one in daily life. .

Al-Mn alloy production brushed aluminum sheets

Brushed aluminum sheets made of 3xxx series manganese elements as aluminum alloy aluminum sheet plates have the characteristics of waterproofing and rust, so they will also be made in various colors when they are made. They are mainly used in daily life, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, kitchen utensils, etc. It is an aluminum wire drawing with a relatively high usage rate.

Al-Cu alloy brushed aluminum sheet

Brushed aluminum sheets made of copper-aluminum alloy sheets are often used in slightly high-end industrial fields such as aviation because of their high hardness, high production costs, and high sales prices. The representative is 6000 series aluminum sheet.

5xxx series aluminum is used to make brushed aluminum sheets

And the aluminum-magnesium 5000 series aluminum alloy sheet with magnesium as the main element is not only used in the aviation industry, but also widely used in other industrial industries, such as automobiles, and shipping and ocean shipbuilding. of.

The difference between brushed aluminum sheet and mirror aluminum sheet

The wire drawing of aluminum sheet is different from the mirror aluminum sheet in that its surface is deesterified, sanded, and washed with sandpaper to scrape the lines on the surface of the aluminum sheet. This aluminum sheet drawing is more beautiful, ornamental and corrosion resistant than the traditional mirror aluminum sheet.


brushed aluminum sheets for sale

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