“How does the bending 6061 aluminum bend?” Many customers have doubts about this issue. In this article, perhaps you can find the answer.
High-purity aluminum is soft and malleable, and this aluminum is usually bendable. Regarding the bending process of aluminum, it is a delicate and demanding process, and a certain degree of formability is required. No matter what your project is, choosing the right alloy is crucial.
When will you need bending 6061 aluminum? You will use the aluminum you buy back to make other products. Generally, aluminum that can be bent is easier to process. Annealed and naturally aged aluminum is easier to process.
bending 6061 aluminum

Bending 6061 aluminum and formability

Many people will ask, which alloy is best for bending? The answer to this question is usually related to three factors. The first is formability.
In order to understand this better, we need to talk about alloys, which is the first factor to consider when choosing. Regarding aluminum alloys, there are various series, all of which have different chemical compositions, so that they can be used in various metal processing fields.
The 6xxx series are aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys. 6061 aluminum sheets, these heat-treatable alloys can be used in construction applications with high strength, corrosion resistance and formability.
Therefore, specific alloys have specific formability and can provide appropriate behavior during processing, especially during bending.
Can you bend 6061 aluminum

Bending 6061 aluminum with thickness and bending radius

Another factor that needs to be considered is that during the bending process, the metal hardens and strengthens due to processing. In addition to alloy selection, thickness and bending radius are also key factors that must be considered. Different alloys and different tempers have different allowable bending radii.
bending 6061 aluminum plate

Bending 6061 aluminum and elongation

The elongation value is proportional to the forming ability of the alloy. In the aluminum alloy 1xxx-7xxx series, the best series for forming and bending are 3xxx, 5xxx, and in some cases 6xxx. The 2xxx and 7xxx series are very strong and are not recommended for bending.
Bending 6061 aluminum, which is the most versatile of the heat-treatable alloy series. In the annealed state, since the difference between the yield strength and the tensile strength is 10 Ksi and the elongation rate is as high as 18%, it can be used for bending. However, when the heat treatment temperament is T4 and T6, the bending ability tends to decrease. Can these tempered alloys be bent? Not so, but you need to be very careful, and a larger bend radius may be required.
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