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Environmental pollution is a new problem facing the current society. As a new travel tool, replacing steel with aluminum can reduce the weight of the body to a certain extent. Now, the weight of the car is a new choice. The role of automotive aluminum sheet supplier automotive aluminum sheet is pivotal.
Automotive aluminum sheet

About the advantages of automotive aluminum

a. Aluminum replaces steel to make cars, which can reduce the weight of the car. For every 100 kilograms of vehicle weight loss, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.4 liters, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 1 kilogram, and fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%-8%;
b. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, and the naturally formed oxide film on its surface has good corrosion resistance and has a longer service life;
c. Aluminum alloy is used in cars to reduce the weight of the car without reducing the capacity of the car, the center of gravity of the body is reduced, and the car is more stable and comfortable. Due to the good energy absorption of aluminum, safety can be increased in case of sudden collision.
d. The loss of aluminum is only about 5%, and its regeneration performance is higher than that of any common metal.
Automotive aluminum sheet

Automotive aluminum sheet supplier automotive aluminum sheet

Automotive aluminum is mainly used in automobile bodies, chassis, wheels, and engines. Automotive aluminum alloys are almost ubiquitous in automobiles. Automobile aluminum alloys are mainly 5, 6, and 7 series products. The 6 series and 7 series aluminum alloys produced by Mingtai Aluminum are mainly used for automobile body frames. 5454 aluminum sheets can be used for wheels, and 6061 aluminum sheets can be used for automobile wheels and light engines. Quantify. They all have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, high recycling rate, and conform to the concept of environmental protection.
Mingtai Aluminum has developed lightweight aluminum alloy products for automobile bottom guards and automobile gas tanks, including 5083 aluminum sheets, 5757 aluminum sheets, 5052 aluminum sheets, etc., 5083 aluminum sheets, and 5052 aluminum alloy. It is applied in many aspects such as automobile fuel tank and anti-collision beam, and its practical application effect is good, and the market response is good.
Automotive aluminum sheet

Automotive aluminum sheet supplier Mingtai Aluminum

1. High reputation in the industry. Mingtai Aluminum has been engaged in the aluminum processing industry for 22 years, and the products produced are of high quality and low price, which are praised by customers.
2. Advanced equipment escorts product quality. Mingtai Aluminum continues to introduce advanced equipment, six-roll cold rolling mills, stretch-bending and straightening machines to ensure product quality.
3. Good service. Pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services are all professional, let users feel our sincerity.
Automotive aluminum sheet supplier product price
The price of an Automotive aluminum sheet is mainly related to its use (which part of the vehicle is used for), SPEC (thickness * width * length) and dosage. You can tell us this information, calculate the quotation as soon as possible, and then reply to you.