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A large number of experiments and theoretical analysis have shown that the lightweight of automobiles is an important means of automobile energy saving and emission reduction. Lightweight implementation can be implemented through optimized design, reasonable material selection and advanced process technology. Aluminum alloy is an important lightweight material, and automotive aluminum sheet is often used, so the automotive aluminum sheet price is naturally a problem that people are more concerned about.
Automotive aluminum sheet price

Lightweight automotive aluminum sheet price

Weight loss and fuel saving. The specific gravity of aluminum is 2.78 g/cm3 (only 1/3 of steel). The primary weight reduction effect of typical aluminum parts can reach 30%-40%, and the secondary weight reduction can be further increased to 50%. For every 10% weight reduction of passenger cars, fuel can be saved by 6%-8%. The energy saved by using aluminum parts is 6-12 times that of the primary aluminum used to produce the parts.
Environmental protection. For every 10% weight reduction of passenger cars, the emission reduction is 4%. Every 1 kg of aluminum used in a car can reduce 20 kg of exhaust emissions during the service life of the car. The automotive aluminum sheet is a green material.
Recyclable. The recycling space of automotive aluminum sheet is large. The increasing awareness of environmental protection makes the automobile industry also develop towards a green industry, so the recycling of end-of-life automobiles has become particularly important. In order to protect the environment and save resources, the advantages of automotive aluminum sheet are once again revealed. The damage rate of aluminum products during use is relatively small, so the recovery value rate of aluminum is quite high.
Safety. The use of automotive aluminum sheet to make the engine cover can significantly reduce the damage to pedestrians caused by secondary collisions, which is conducive to the implementation of regulations for pedestrian protection in automobile collisions.
Lightweight automotive aluminum sheet price

Automotive aluminum sheet price and alloy

Studies have shown that 5000 series and 6000 series aluminum alloys are suitable materials for the production of automotive aluminum sheet.
6000 series aluminum alloy sheets are mainly used in automotive exterior parts, such as engine covers, which can reduce weight by 50% compared with steel parts; at the same time, aluminum parts have good thermal conductivity, which can effectively dissipate the heat of the engine; It also plays an important role in the relevant laws and regulations on the protection of pedestrians. At present, the most widely used aluminum alloy automobile plate models in the world are: 6016, 6022, 6111, 6005, 6009 and 6010, 51 82, 5754. 5052 and so on. For example, 6022 is used as the body panel, 6016 is used as the body panel, 5052 is used as the body, 6000 series is used as the exterior panel, and 5754 is used as the body cover material.
latest automotive aluminum sheet price

Automotive aluminum sheet price

The automotive aluminum sheet price is mainly related to its use (which part of the same vehicle), SPEC (thickness * width * length) and dosage. You can tell us this information, and we will contact you as soon as possible to calculate the price.