Automotive aluminum sheet for sale

The application of automotive aluminum sheet for sale is a simple and effective way of light-weighting. The automotive aluminum sheet is one of the high-end aluminum alloy varieties.Due to its strict requirements for use performance (forming, connection, etc.) and surface quality, it also puts forward more refined control and management requirements for the processing of raw materials.
Automotive aluminum sheet

Automotive aluminum sheet for sale type

The automotive aluminum sheet can be rolled with 2xxx series, 5xxx series, 6xxx series, and 7xxx series aluminum alloys. Except for the 5xxx series aluminum alloys, the other three series are all heat-treatable aluminum alloys, which can increase the strength through heat treatment. Through some processes such as painting and baking, the strength of these aluminum alloys can be further improved. 5182 aluminum sheet, 6061 aluminum sheet or 6016 aluminum sheet, etc. are used for four doors and two covers of automobiles, and 5052, 5754, 5182, and 5083 are generally used for automobile internal components; automobile heat shields can be used in 1000 series, such as 1050, 1060, 3003, etc.; 1100 aluminum sheet for bus doors; non-slip aluminum sheet for car floor and the alloy can be any of 5052, 1060, 6061.
Automotive aluminum sheet

Automotive aluminum sheet for sale formability

The forming process of the body and the covering sheet metal parts is formed by stamping. The automotive aluminum sheet for sale should have good stamping formability, that is, it has a low yield ratio and high forming limit, under various stress states of stamping deformation Has a relatively high forming space.
Automotive aluminum sheet

Automotive aluminum sheet for sale strong surface smoothness

The aluminum alloy sheet is required to have good flanging ductility and consistent surface color after forming. That is, the surface of the formed sheet metal does not appear on the roping line, that is, the slip line. It is caused by uneven grain or uneven distribution of inclusions The resulting deformation of the surface of the board is uneven, which causes the surface to appear inconsistent in luster after painting.
Automotive aluminum sheet

Automotive aluminum sheet for sale good solderability

Good weldability can meet the requirements of connecting automobile components for welding after forming. The sheet should have anti-aging stability to ensure that there is no aging from the sheet to the stamping production, and to prevent the yield point of the material from rising during the stamping process, resulting in uneven surface deformation and wrinkles, thereby affecting the surface quality of the car shell.
Automotive aluminum sheet

Automotive aluminum sheet for sale excellent bake hardenability

The lightweight of automobiles also requires high bake hardenability, that is, the yield strength of the sheet after stamping deformation and paint baking is significantly increased, so as to ensure that the sheet metal parts after stamping and painting have high dent resistance. The paint baking process of aluminum alloy sheet material is compatible with the current paint baking process of steel stamping parts.
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