astm aluminum 6061 for container

There are many materials for making containers, and aluminum alloy is just one material for making containers. Because aluminum alloy can maintain a good performance state at low temperatures, and aluminum does not chemically react with oil, natural gas and other chemical liquids, and its cost-effective advantages have been increasingly recognized by related industries. At present, aluminum sheet has become a common raw material for containers, including astm aluminum 6061.
Container aluminum includes astm aluminum 6061, some of its characteristics, such as higher strength and welding performance, will be used.
astm aluminum 6061

astm aluminum 6061 for ships

Most of the ship materials are astm aluminum 6061, and the specific parts used are masts and other marine accessories. Marine 6061 aluminum sheets is also an alloy plate where magnesium and silicon play a major role. It has some excellent characteristics, such as processing performance, corrosion resistance, toughness and non-deformation, coating, oxidation, etc. Workability after annealing. Weldability and cold workability.
astm aluminum 6061 alloy

astm aluminum 6061 is used in automobile wheels

The tire is a part of the car and also one of the important parts. It is in direct contact with the road surface, and together with the car suspension, it alleviates the impact of the car when driving, and ensures some aspects of the car’s characteristics, such as good seating comfort and driving smoothness; wheels and road surface have good adhesion. The traction, braking and passing properties of the car; it also bears the weight of the car. Tires have played an important role in automobiles and have attracted more and more attention.
The automobile wheels inside the tires are made of astm aluminum 6061, which has excellent performance, including mechanical properties and density, thereby further reducing the overall weight of the car, lowering the center of gravity of the car body, and making the car more stable. The data shows that aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle by 10%, and energy consumption is also reduced; at the same time, aluminum wheels are rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and increase the service life of tires.
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astm aluminum 6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer

henan mingtai aluminum co ltd international sales, through continuous experimentation and application verification, optimized the alloy composition ratio of astm aluminum 6061 to improve the uniformity of the alloy composition as much as possible to ensure its good internal structure and surface quality to facilitate improvement Its subsequent extrudability improves the welding performance and mechanical properties of the aluminum sheet and the uniformity of the front and rear ends.
The hot rolling production line independently researched and developed by henan mingtai aluminum co ltd international sales has enabled astm aluminum 6061 to be produced on a large scale and laid a solid foundation for production. astm aluminum 6061 has obtained the “SGS automotive aluminum certification”. At the same time, with the ISO international certification, astm aluminum 6061 has been exported to many countries.