Aluminum tread plate sheets

Aluminum tread plate sheets are aluminum products with various textures on the surface after calendering. They have very good anti-slip effects. The typical use method is to make anti-slip floors, anti-slip step ladders, or use them in packaging. Engineering construction, architectural curtain wall and other levels. You can also see its use on trucks, subways or trains.


aluminum tread plate sheets alloys

The 1, 3, 5, and 6 series aluminum alloys can be made into aluminum tread plate sheets. There are conventional alloys of 1060, 3003, 5052 and 6061, and more derivative aluminum tread sheet varieties can be produced through different alloy states and patterns.

Performance of aluminum tread plate sheets

Each series of aluminum tread plate sheets has excellent corrosion resistance, good electric welding performance, high compressive strength, strong formability, and easy production and processing.

Uses of aluminum tread plate sheets

Aluminum tread plate sheets are a relatively common type of aluminum plate, which can be used in a variety of scenarios. Generally speaking, we can apply it to different places based on different textures. However, due to the uniqueness of some application scenarios, different alloy compositions are required to be used in different areas.


When Aluminum tread plate sheets have different alloy compositions, what are the differences in application scenarios? Choosing a more suitable aluminum alloy can increase the service life and prevent problems such as rust and erosion.

1 series tread aluminum

The price of 1 series tread aluminum is relatively cost-effective, and it is mostly used in occasions such as floor, wall decoration, and anti-skid stairs. These occasions do not require high toughness and corrosion resistance.

3 series tread aluminum

The 3 series tread aluminum alloy has stronger anti-rust properties than the 1 series aluminum alloy, and can be used in cold storage, car boxes, and cargo ship bilges.

Series 5 or series 6 tread aluminum

For unique scenarios, such as those that must be suspended in the air or placed on a ground that is highly corroded and susceptible to corrosion, it is recommended to use series 5 or series 6 aluminum tread plate sheets. This series of products has excellent rust resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. , The service life is longer.

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