Aluminum tread plate for sale

The general aluminum tread plate for sale refers to an aluminum metal plate with a pattern on the surface, which plays a role in anti-skid, anti-corrosion and beautiful appearance. There is a large manufacturer like Mingtai Al. Industry near me, which can produce a variety of aluminum alloy for this product with reasonable prices. The following content will help you when you have actual needs.


What kind of aluminum tread plate for sale?

Since there is an additional patterning process in the aluminum plate production and processing process, and the input of machinery and equipment and human resources has been increased, the cost of sale will also increase.

Aluminum tread plate for sale not only plays a decoration and beautification effect, but also bears the anti-skid effect under the special application environment. Different alloys can also be applied to different occasions. Usually there are several kinds of aluminum alloy plates.



1060 series belongs to the material with high purity of aluminum, and the production and processing cost is relatively low. It is suitable for indifference and vehicle floors under normal conditions.

The aluminum-manganese alloy sheet is processed with aluminum-manganese alloy 3003 as the primary material. It has a certain strength and impact resistance, and has certain anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities. It is mainly used on the side of train cars.

The aluminum-magnesium alloy sheet is processed from 5xxx series aluminum material mainly based on 5052. It has high strength and hardness, and has strong rust and corrosion resistance. It can be used in ships and even aerospace professions.

How to clean and surface treatment of aluminum tread plate near me?

Aluminum tread plates, as a metal material, also need to be protected by scientific methods during daily use. The stains on the surface should be cleaned with clean water or corresponding stain remover to prevent the residue of stains from causing corrosion and deformation of the board.


Professional spraying agent can also be used to coat the surface of the board. On the one hand, the aluminum plate can form an additional barrier to effectively avoid corrosion. On the other hand, it can beautify the decoration.

What are the surface treatment methods?

Aluminum tread plates are now widely used in the construction industry, especially in decoration building materials. Therefore, the aesthetics of the aluminum plate is more concerned. So now more consumers are more concerned about the beautiful surface treatment of aluminum plates.

1. Electrophoresis painting

This kind of treatment method is now used more in Japan. After this treatment, the surface of the aluminum sheet appears smooth, and the corrosion resistance will be enhanced.

2. Powder electrostatic spraying

The main feature is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the aluminum plate. For some acid-base salts, this aluminum plate is better than the oxidation-colored profile.

3. Matte fabric

The patterned aluminum plate itself is very bright, but there will be interference highlights in the environment in our lives. The use of frosting can well overcome this shortcoming. Its surface is silky and silky, and it has been received by many people. Like it.

4. Multi-tone surface treatment

In the past, traditional color aluminum panels can no longer meet the needs of some designers. In order to use aluminum panels together, various color treatments have appeared, making the color of aluminum panels more perfect. The important point is that they need to pass through The effect is the treatment after polishing and oxidation.

5. Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramization

The above surface treatment processes can effectively protect aluminum tread plates. These steps are required to be processed by the customer after the purchase.

aluminum tread plate for sale manufacturers near me

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