Aluminum tread brite sheet

Aluminum tread brite sheet is a deep-processed product of aluminum sheet formed by forming various patterns on the surface of the aluminum sheet after pressure processing. The products use high-purity aluminum ingots, mainly including 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, and other common alloy series, and various specifications are different.


Brief introduction of product features

The aluminum tread brite sheet has a non-slip surface, very durable, simple maintenance, excellent corrosion resistance and can adapt to bad weather and environment, and can play a certain decorative role.


Aluminum tread brite sheet is classified according to different alloys:

1. Ordinary bright aluminum tread plate:

Ordinary bright aluminum tread plate is mostly made of 1000 series 1050, 1060 alloy aluminum sheet, which can adapt to the normal environment and has a lower price. Usually cold storage, floor, packaging, and more use of this aluminum sheet.

2.AL-MN alloy aluminum tread brite sheet:

3003 is a typical AL-MN alloy aluminum tread brite sheet, also known as anti-rust aluminum. It has a slightly higher strength than ordinary bright aluminum tread plate and has certain anti-rust performance, but the hardness and corrosion resistance is less than that of the 5000 series, so This product is not strictly used for rust prevention, such as trucks, cold storage, and floors.

3. Al-MG aluminum tread brite sheet:

5052 or 5083, 5754 aluminum tread brite sheet is processed with 5000 series AL-MG alloy as raw materials, with good corrosion resistance, hardness, and rust resistance. It is usually used in special places, such as ships, automobiles, lights, and humidity. Under the environment, the hardness of the aluminum alloy, a certain bearing capacity.

4.6000 series brite aluminum tread plate

The main alloying elements of the 6000 series brite aluminum tread plate are magnesium and silicon, so the advantages of the 4000 series and 5000 series aluminum tread plate are concentrated. It has processing performance and good corrosion resistance and is suitable for high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Application scenarios.


Aluminum tread brite sheet technical specifications

1. Thickness: 0.9 – 11.5mm;
2. Width: 900mm – 2000mm;
3. Length: 500 – 16000mm;
4. Material (alloy): 1060, 1050, 3003, 5052, 5754, 5083, 6061, 6082;
5. Application range: trailers, ramps, tool boxes, decorative floors and walls, vehicle footboards, kickboards, docks, stairs;


bright aluminum tread plate product packaging details

1. Seaworthy export wooden pallets
2. With the moisture-proof film as the first layer
3. Kraft paper as the second layer
4. Cardboard cards as the third layer
5. After the cross steel belt is fixed on the outside and packed, the pallet will be transferred to the truck in the seaport and the container will be loaded.


Aluminum tread brite sheet manufacturer recommendation

Mingtai Al. industrial is a high-quality enterprise with 23 years of experience in the production and export of aluminum tread brite sheet products. Its products are smooth and clean in appearance, with small thickness and length and width tolerances, and are excellent in tensile strength and elongation, as well as oxidation and corrosion resistance. It can meet the needs of different customers and provide customized solutions for customers. All indicators can meet national and international standards.