aluminum trailer skin supplier near me

Under the current manufacturing process and technical level, the lightweight of trailer skin is an important means to solve the overload of heavy-duty vehicles and energy saving and emission reduction. Using aluminum sheets for trailer skin can not only reduce the weight of the car body, but also extend the use time of the trailer. Mingtai is one such company that can produce aluminum trailer skin sheets supplier near me, and its aluminum sheet products are a high-quality choice for car body sheets.


Characteristics of aluminum trailer skin sheets

After knowing the supplier, let’s look at the excellent characteristics of the product. In the aluminum alloy series used for trailers, the 6 series is more common, and it is commonly used in heat treatment to strengthen the aluminum alloy. 6 series aluminum trailer skin has high strength, good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance.

The mainstream of trailer skin materials

6 series aluminum sheets are a kind of lightweight material with a variety of excellent properties, so they have become the first choice for lightweight cars. It has good extrusion and forging properties and is easy to process. It is a high-quality choice for trailer skin materials. Compared with steel plates, the yield strength and tensile strength of aluminum plates are higher, and the hardening coefficient even exceeds that of steel plates.

Which aluminum alloy grades can be used as trailer skins?

At present, 6009, 6010, 6016, and 6061 aluminum alloys are used in the outer and inner panels of the trailer body because of their good plasticity and can achieve artificial aging during the painting and baking process after forming to obtain higher strength. They have good tensile strength, yield strength and shear strength, and have good welding performance, which can be applied to gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding and wire welding.


The aluminum trailer skin has strong corrosion resistance. In addition, like aluminum trailer siding sheets, this skin sheets can enhance the cushioning capacity and fatigue strength of automobiles. VAW in Germany, KOK in Japan, and Mingtai Aluminum in China have all developed and developed high-performance trailers based on 6-series alloys. Use aluminum plates.

Mingtai Aluminum has devoted itself to the research and development of aluminum plates for trailers, and the quality of aluminum plates is guaranteed. If you want to know more about aluminum trailer skin supplier, please contact us online or send an email to, aluminum trailer skin supplier will serve you wholeheartedly at any time.