Aluminum trailer siding sheets

Aluminum trailer siding sheets used for trailer lightweight can greatly enhance economic efficiency, improve driving safety, reduce gasoline fuel consumption, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, lightweighting is the development trend of the automobile industry. In Europe and North America, in order to achieve lightweight trailer, aluminum alloy sheets have been widely used in the trailer industry, especially in heavy-duty and special vehicles. The following focuses on the advantages of such sheets.aluminum-trailer-siding-sheets-1

The body mass of the trailer can be lightened

The same volume of aluminum alloy is almost only 1/3 of the weight of steel. The application of Aluminum trailer siding sheets on the trailer greatly reduces its own weight. For example, a 45m³ trailer, if made of aluminum alloy, can reduce its own weight by 5 ton compared to steel.

Aluminum trailer siding sheets have strong corrosion resistance

Aluminum gold has incomparable corrosion resistance than steel. Aluminum alloy is used as the material of the tank trailer, and the tank body can transport various liquids or liquefied gases without any protective layer.

The trailer’s fuel economy can be improved

According to the relevant research report of the European Aluminum Association, for every 1 ton lighter, 0.6L of gasoline can be saved for every 10km. If an aluminum fuel tank truck can reduce its own weight by 5 tons compared to steel tanks, it can save at least 1800L of fuel per year based on 12000KM and half of the empty mileage, which can save 9720 yuan per year, which is about 1488 US dollars.

Aluminum has high recycling value

Due to the high corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, after the trailer is forced to scrap, the car body is not greatly damaged, and its recycling value is more than 85% of the original aluminum.

Aluminum trailer siding sheets can ensure safety.

When the trailer is running, the weight of the vehicle body is greatly reduced, so the center of gravity of the trailer is correspondingly reduced, thereby reducing the possibility of the tanker overturning and improving its driving performance.

Aluminum trailer siding sheets are easy to process and produce

Aluminum alloy is also the second most widely used metal besides steel, and the processing technology is very mature. Aluminum trailer siding sheets can be applied to welding methods such as MIG, TIG, resistance welding, FSW, etc. At the same time, bending, stamping and deep drawing can also be performed.


The many advantages above show that aluminum trailer siding sheets used for trailers will gradually become a trend. At the same time, when choosing aluminum sheets, we must find large and high-quality manufacturers to meet the final production requirements. As a large-scale aluminum sheet manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum produces trailer aluminum sheets raw materials with reliable quality.