Aluminum trailer siding sheets for sale thickness

In the trailer industry, it may be difficult for ordinary buyers to see clearly. The method made of steel and aluminum is to use thinner metals. Trailers with fragile frames may sacrifice strength and durability. The thickness of aluminum trailer siding sheets for sale is also very important. For aluminum, the smaller the number, the thinner the material. What does this mean to you? In short, the thinner the aluminum, the more it can move. Thermal expansion and cold contraction. Thinner aluminum requires less heat to stretch it. Thick aluminum requires more heat to move it. Some trailers look smoother than others, and this is usually due to differences in thickness.
If you want to drastically reduce wrinkles, or if you want to build a black or dark trailer and want it to look smoother, please buy the thickest aluminum we offer. If you have a limited budget and don’t care about the wavy appearance, but just want the trailer to get the job done, then .024 will do.
Aluminum trailer siding sheets for sale

Painted aluminum trailer siding sheets for sale

With high-quality paint, Painted aluminum trailer siding sheets for sale can provide extremely high durability both outdoors and indoors. The painted aluminum trailer siding sheets for sale are uniquely designed to provide a hard, wear-resistant coating, and are flexible for a wide range of molding and processing. Our paint plate alloys are usually 3105 aluminum alloy and 3004 aluminum alloy. 3004 is similar to 3003 alloy except that about 1% of magnesium is added. It can be cold worked (but not heat-treated like some other types of aluminum alloys) to produce a temper with higher strength but lower ductility. 3004 is used for color coating and can be used for the processing of racing cars, residential siding and mobile houses. The alloy also has weldability.
Among the various coatings, the main performance difference is the resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Among them, the most commonly used coating on the front is fluorocarbon paint (PVDF), which has strong resistance to ultraviolet rays; the back can choose polyester or epoxy. The resin coating acts as a protective paint. In addition, a removable protective film can be pasted on the front side.
diamond plate for trailers

Aluminum trailer siding sheets for sale diamond plate

Aluminum diamond plates protect your trailer, and use diamond plates to make the trailer look great. Diamond plate aluminum protects the trailer from dust, rocks and debris. Buying diamond plates for trailers will make your trailer more slip resistant and beautiful.
Aluminum trailer siding sheets for sale diamond plates are commonly used with a width of 48 inches and a thickness of .025 mm.
Both diamond plate and aluminum trailer siding sheets can be cut into narrower widths according to your requirements. The length of these two materials can also be customized according to your requirements.
We will stick a protective film on the glossy side of the aluminum sheet to protect the surface finish.