The origin of aluminum sheeting for trailers

The application of aluminum sheeting for trailers starts with the initial application of aluminum alloy. In the 1980s, aluminum became one of the metals that can reduce operating costs, and can increase the speed of subways, trams, intercity, and high-speed trains. In 1903, the Wright brothers created the history of flying. They used lightweight aluminum alloy to make the engine, thus achieving the world’s first flying achievement. Today, aluminum subways and trams run in many cities, and aluminum trains and aluminum ships are used all over the world.


Aluminum sheeting for trailers reduces the weight of the car body

When transporting high-density goods, the maximum gross weight of the vehicle is usually saturated, and aluminum sheeting for trailers allows carrying larger goods. Convert it into additional income and be more competitive. In addition, aluminum sheeting for vehicles sell well in second-hand and even third-hand markets, and they can usually be sold at very good prices. Ultimately, when they complete their mission, they still have a high scrap value. This is all due to the fact that aluminum is easy to recycle, will not lose its original quality, and can reduce energy consumption by 95%.

Save fuel + long life + reduce maintenance times = cost savings

According to research conducted by the Heidelberg Institute for Energy and Environment (IFEU) and the Graz University of Technology (TU-Graz) in Austria, a reduction in the weight of aluminum sheeting for trailers by 1 ton leads to a fuel saving of 0.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

The corrosion resistance of aluminum is a well-known property, which is an obvious advantage in road transportation. Tanker trucks are often transported to transport liquid raw materials. Alloy aluminum used in tanker truck helps to extend its service life, especially when the vehicle is driving, which can cause serious corrosion problems. It is easy to clean without painting or other surface protection. Maintenance can be kept low.

Application of aluminum sheeting in commercial vehicles to reduce the frequency of accidents

Aluminum sheeting for trailers can easily operate and move parts for each transport, like side-dismountable walls made of aluminum, and the back door is easy to move. This saves a lot of things for the driver. Squeeze the edge or surround the corner skin of the van floor to reduce the risk of injury.

Due to the excellent performance and properties of aluminum alloy, aluminum sheeting for trailers presents the advantages of high strength, high weight, high toughness and high weight. In commercial vehicles, aluminum alloy plates can take into account the advantages of strength, toughness, and weight. Usually, they can save 40%-60% more weight than other metals, as shown in the following table.aluminum-sheeting-for-trailers-3