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Mingtai Aluminum was established in 1997 and entered the market earlier. At the same time, it is a private aluminum processing enterprise with more than 5,000 employees.
With the continuous development of the company, the scale of employees has gradually grown, and the joining of batches of new employees has injected new vitality into the company. But for new employees, have just started in a new industry and are unfamiliar with much professional knowledge. At this time, the guidance and guidance of the master are very important.
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In order to let the “apprentice” get familiar with and master the workflow of the workshop position as soon as possible, the master and the apprentice will be inseparable from the date of signing the “teacher and apprentice” agreement. “Apprentices” carefully record the steps one by one and practice basic skills so that they can become the talents the company needs as soon as possible.
In the work, “Master-Master” is also willing to communicate with “Apprentices” about various problems encountered in the work. Patiently answer the questions raised by the “disciples”, and truly impart one of my skills to the “disciples”, so that the “disciples” will avoid many detours. After the probation period, the branch will also conduct examinations based on the learning situation of the “apprentices”, record questions that are not understood and difficult, and adjust the learning methods in time.
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As the saying goes: “Blue is better than blue because of blue, and ice is from water but cold than water!” Master’s apprenticeship learning is an important inheritance of corporate culture and the foundation of company development! Generations of Mingtai employees will carry forward the Mingtai spirit, expand the Mingtai team, and cultivate the Mingtai elite!
This is also a kind of responsibility to our customers. We are working hard to improve the professionalism of our employees to ensure the processing of products to achieve high quality. Make progress with the times. Aluminum sheet supplier Mingtai has a strong production capacity, with an annual production capacity of 1 million tons of aluminum sheet, strip and foil.
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Mingtai aluminum sheet supplier has remained unchanged since the beginning of more than 20 years. The smooth and shiny aluminum sheet produced has become a competitive aluminum sheet and foil manufacturer in the aluminum processing industry. The width of 5052 aluminum sheets and 6061 aluminum sheets produced can reach 2600mm. At the same time, in the face of the continuous expansion of the market, Mingtai Aluminum has increased investment in scientific research, research, and development of new products, and constantly improve itself and expand the market.