Aluminum sheet metal

New research shows that the future demand for aluminum sheet metal in the automotive sector will grow at an unprecedented rate. The turning point of the automotive industry in today’s international market from traditional steel to aluminum and other lightweight materials, including the use of aluminum instead of advanced high-strength steel (AHSS).


The data here shows that between 2012 and 2015, North American light-duty vehicle aluminum consumption increased by 28% (increased automobile production and aluminum material content). It is estimated that by 2025, 75% of the body of the pickup train will be made of aluminum, with large cars accounting for 24%, SUVs accounting for 22%, and other small vehicles accounting for 18%. The aluminum content of North American and European cars will be high, and Asia will also be a large market for lightweight cars.

aluminum sheet metal specifications and models

The following describes which aluminum sheet metal specifications and models should be used according to the requirements of various parts of the automobile: Generally speaking, aluminum alloys for automobiles are mainly concentrated in three aspects: automobile wheels, automobile engine gearbox shells, and automobile frames. Of course, there are some such as interior trim, floor etc.

2000 series alloy aluminum sheet metal

2000 series alloy aluminum sheet metal is a heat treatment strengthenable aluminum alloy. It has excellent forgeability, higher strength, good welding performance, and good baking strengthening effect, but its corrosion resistance is better than other series. Aluminum alloy is poor. At present, 2036 and 2022 alloys have been partially used in automobile body panels.

5000 series alloy aluminum sheet metal

5000 series alloy aluminum sheet metal is a heat-treated non-strengthened aluminum alloy, which has good corrosion resistance and welding performance, but it may produce Lüdes line and delayed yield during processing deformation in the annealed state, so it is mainly used in the car body Parts with complicated shapes such as plates.

6000 series alloy aluminum sheet metal

6000 series alloy aluminum sheet metal belongs to heat treatment strengthenable aluminum alloy, which has higher strength, better plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance. Compared with steel plates, the yield strength and tensile strength of 6000 series T4 temper plates are similar, and the hardening coefficient even exceeds that of steel plates.

6000 series aluminum alloy aluminum sheet metal has good plasticity, and 6000 aluminum can achieve artificial aging during the painting and baking process after forming to obtain high strength and other characteristics, it is used for the outer and inner panels of automobile bodies. The auto aluminum plate use this series of aluminum alloy. In addition, in order to enhance the cushioning capacity and fatigue strength of automobiles, China Mingtai Aluminum has researched and developed high-performance aluminum alloy plates for automobiles based on this series of alloys.

Automobiles using aluminum sheet meta is environmentally friendly

Automobiles using aluminum sheet metal will have an impact on the environment during the processing and production of raw materials, but will reduce the environmental impact during the product use stage. The key point is that the entire life cycle of a car using aluminum will reduce its environmental impact. Therefore, the trend of replacing steel with aluminum in the automotive industry will continue to develop.


In general, the use of aluminum sheet metal and other lightweight materials will become a distinctive feature of heavy vehicles, such as pickup trucks and SUVs. And AHSS is likely to continue to be used in lightweight vehicles, which can reduce the weight of the body by about 100 kg.