Aluminum Sheet for pp caps Pakistan

Recently, a Pakistani customer signed 24 tons of 8011-h14 aluminum foil for pp caps. This is a kind of aluminum Sheet for pp caps Pakistan. Custom made according to customer’s specifications, the specifications are Size 870×695 and gauge 0.19mm. This means that the quality of our 8011 aluminum foil rolls has been affirmed by customers. The Pakistani customer contacted China aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai through online channels and expressed his purchasing needs. As soon as it receives the clue, the customer service center quickly relays the customer’s needs to the business manager. After the two parties communicated, the customer’s product requirements were confirmed. Next, let us take a look at the material of Aluminum Sheet for pp caps.
Aluminum Sheet for pp caps Pakistan

Aluminum Sheet for pp caps Pakistan 8011

There are many kinds of aluminum foil alloys, and the aluminum foil alloy series include 1,3,5,8 series aluminum alloy series. The 1 series alloy is a pure aluminum alloy, which is relatively soft due to its high aluminum content. In addition, due to its good electrical conductivity, it is often used as an industrial foil. Manganese is added to the 3 series alloy, so other properties are added, such as anti-rust properties. The strength has also been increased, and it also has welding characteristics. On the basis of the 3-series alloy, the 5-series alloy has enhanced anti-corrosion performance. However, the cost of 5000 series aluminum foil is too high, so it is not commonly used. The 8-series alloy 8011 is an ideal aluminum foil alloy material for many applications, including pp caps. Among these types of alloys, their alloy properties are correspondingly more in line with the requirements of pp caps.
Aluminum Sheet for pp caps

Aluminum Sheet for pp caps Pakistan price

Aluminum Sheet for pp caps Pakistan price is not expensive, provided that you have to find a suitable aluminum foil manufacturer. If you want to get a specific aluminum foil quotation, you need to know some information about the product you need in advance, including the alloy (or use) of the aluminum foil, thickness, width and your demand for this product. If you don’t have the confirmed demand information for the time being, we will provide assistance. You can contact us through any of the contact methods on the website, and there will be a professional customer service response.
pp caps aluminum foil

Where to buy aluminum Sheet for pp caps Pakistan

This is Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminum. Fortunately to tell you, about aluminum Sheet for pp caps Pakistan, we can produce. Our aluminum foil products are not limited to this, and there are other types that can be used for different purposes. In addition, we are an aluminum foil manufacturer, not a distributor, so our aluminum foil price is very advantageous, you can consult and compare. If you are interested, please email us and we will discuss the information about aluminum foil together.