How about aluminum sheet cost?

Because the price of aluminum sheet is affected by aluminum sheet cost factors such as scrap aluminum, processing costs, and transportation costs, the price of aluminum sheets with different thicknesses is also different. Therefore, if you want to know how much the actual aluminum sheet cost is per ton, you need to look at the aluminum ingot price on that day, plus processing fees and transportation fees to get the most detailed price status. Let me explain for you how much aluminum sheet is a ton, and what is the approximate price of a ton of aluminum sheet?


The impact of aluminum ingot price on aluminum sheet cost

The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates daily with the market. Therefore, the aluminum sheet cost of the same specification and model by manufacturers will also change with the fluctuation of aluminum ingot prices. For example, the price of aluminum ingots on a certain day in X month is RMB 10,960, and today’s price is RMB 12,000. If you buy aluminum plates today, the cost of one ton of aluminum plates will increase by at least RMB 1,040.


The thickness of the aluminum sheet affects the cost

Aluminum plates are aluminum raw materials whose thickness is between 0.3mm and 500mm, the width is between 200mm-2600mm, and the length is 16m. They are mainly divided into pure aluminum plates and alloy aluminum plates. Different aluminum plates have different thickness, width and length, and aluminum plates with different alloy compositions have different costs and prices.

The influence of different alloy models on aluminum sheet cost

The processing cost of one ton of aluminum sheet is different, even for aluminum sheets of the same specification. The production equipment, technology, and production capacity of different manufacturers are different. The aluminum sheet cost is also closely related to the working capacity of the manufacturer’s machinery and equipment, product quality and other costs.

The production cost of aluminum plates for different purposes is different

The main uses of aluminum plates include 1. lighting fixtures; 2. building decoration; 3. furniture, kitchen cabinets; 4. elevator cars; 5. identification plates, metal nameplates; 6. automobile and ship manufacturing; 7. aerospace and defense 8. Processing of mechanical parts; 9. Processing of molds; 10. Covering of thermal insulation pipes in chemical plants.

Take Mingtai Aluminum, a key aluminum sheet supplier and manufacturer in Henan, as an example, it has strict and high-standard aluminum sheet production process, the aluminum sheet produced is of high quality, and the aluminum sheet cost is controlled reasonably. Therefore, the key to choosing aluminum sheet is to look at the overall strength of the manufacturer and the quality of the aluminum sheet, rather than paying too much attention to price and cost.