aluminum sheet 5086

Aluminum sheet 5086 belongs to the 5 series Al-Mg alloy. The magnesium content generally does not exceed 7%. With the increase of magnesium content, the strength of the alloy will increase, and the plasticity will decrease. aluminum alloy 5086 sheets are usually used in the annealed state, cold work hardening, or semi-cold work hardening state. Due to the effect of magnesium, the density of 5086 aluminum sheet and plate are larger than other aluminum plates, which makes it have very good corrosion resistance.


aluminum alloy 5086 Composition

The main component of aluminum alloy 5086 is the Mg element, the content is about 3.5 to 4.5 (percent unit), and there are a small amount of Si, Cu, and Mn elements.

5086 aluminum sheet properties

In terms of mechanical properties, 5086 rust-proof aluminum sheet has tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥240, conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa): ≥95, elongation δ10 (%): ≥10, elongation δ5 ( %): ≥12.

5086 aluminum plate technical parameters

5086 aluminum sheet Advantages for marine aluminum

5086 aluminum sheet is a new type of aluminum alloy with the rise of the marine economy and has a bright market prospect. 5086 aluminum has good plasticity, easy processing, and excellent forming performance. At the same time, aluminum sheet 5086 shows good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, water, oil, and other media, which is particularly important in shipbuilding. 5086 aluminum tread sheet also has anti-slip properties, which increases the safety factor.


Aluminum sheet 5086 supplier

Mingtai Aluminum in Henan, China is a large-scale aluminum sheet supplier and manufacturer, with industry-leading production equipment and process level, and the ability to produce anti-slip aluminum sheet 5086 on a large-scale with reasonable 5086 aluminum sheet prices and its product performance can reach international quality standards. At the same time, Mingtai is also the object of learning and imitating by many domestic anti-rust aluminum plate production enterprises. It has been leading the industry and promoting the development of the industry, providing reliable practical guidance for the product innovation of the 5086 anti-rust aluminum sheet plate.


Because aluminum sheet 5086 has good mechanical properties and anti-slip properties, 5086 aluminum is widely used. Whether it is in the marine and land transportation fields such as ships and automobiles, or in industrial applications such as cans and abrasives, 5086 aluminum may be a good choice.