Aluminum honeycomb sheets

Aluminum honeycomb sheets are composite materials made of aluminum honeycomb core material made of aluminum foil and aluminum sheets or other materials bonded on the surface. For example, 5052 aluminum sheet can be used for board surface or core material. In summary, aluminum sheets as honeycomb materials have the following basic characteristics:


(1) Lightweight, high specific strength, especially high bending stiffness. Aluminum honeycomb sheets of the same quality have a bending stiffness about 5 times that of aluminum alloy.

(2) Aluminum honeycomb sheets have extremely high surface flatness and high-temperature stability, easy to shape, and not easy to deform. It can not only be made into flat sheets but also can be made into double-curved and single-curved panels to make vehicle parts. It is easy to disassemble and assemble afterward.

(3) Aluminum honeycomb sheets have excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and environmental adaptability, and can adapt to various harsh operating environments of railway EMUs and passenger cars; in addition, according to needs, this type of sheet can be painted or pasted on the surface for fire protection The board is treated to achieve good decoration and fire resistance.

(4) Unique resilience, can absorb vibration energy, aluminum honeycomb sheets also have good sound insulation and noise reduction effect.

(5) Aluminum honeycomb sheets have a high fire rating, which meets the Class A requirements in the International Intermodal Fire Standard UIC564-2-199l “Fire and Fire Rules for Railway Passenger Cars or Similar Vehicles Used by the International Union”.

(6) The smoke density after a fire meets the high-level international railway fire protection standards. Aluminum honeycomb sheets have good self-extinguishing properties; they have low heat release value, can form a refractory layer, can reduce the smoke and toxic gases released, and have excellent Environmental protection performance.

(7) Aluminum honeycomb sheets have excellent molding and manufacturing processability, which can meet the requirements of complex shapes and high stability requirements for interior parts of railway vehicles.

Application of aluminum honeycomb sheets

The structure of Aluminum honeycomb sheets can be used as noise and vibration dampers and thermal insulation materials, making them very useful as partitions in the construction and transportation industries. Due to its lightweight and mechanical characteristics, it has different applications in different industries. It is the best material for hotels, office buildings, and public buildings. In addition, it can also be used as an accessory material for cars, trains, high-speed trains, or airplanes.


The processing method of aluminum honeycomb sheets core material

Forming method: First, the aluminum foil strip is formed into corrugated strips, and then the corrugated strips are glued and laminated to form an aluminum honeycomb panel core block. This method is only used for thick or rigid alloy foils or special aluminum honeycomb sandwich cores with non-hexagonal shapes.


Stretching method: first coat the aluminum foil with adhesive strips, then laminate the aluminum foils, glue them into a laminate, and finally stretch them into an aluminum honeycomb panel core block. Generally, regular hexagons or square honeycombs are manufactured by this method.

Aluminum honeycomb sheets not only have the advantages of lightweight, but also have the advantages of flatness, strength, rigidity and safety, and easy installation. It is also resistant to fatigue and impact, chemical weathering, corrosion, and fire resistance, and can be recycled and used for heat insulation and Soundproof. These are also part of many advantages. The aluminum supplier reminds everyone that only in actual applications will you find more advantages.