Introduction of aluminum foil jumbo roll Turkey

Aluminum foil jumbo roll Turkey, in simple terms, is a large aluminum foil roll. It can be used in food, baking, packaging, industry, medicine, construction industry and other fields. Whether it is food packaging aluminum foil, household aluminum foil, pharmaceutical aluminum foil or industrial aluminum foil, all belong to one type of aluminum foil jumbo roll. Please note that aluminum foil with the carton tubes is not an aluminum foil jumbo roll, but an end product. It needs to be reprocessed on aluminum foil jumbo roll.
aluminum foil jumbo roll Turkey

1000 series aluminum foil jumbo roll Turkey

A typical product is 1060 aluminum foil. 1000 series aluminium foil jumbo roll is generally used in industrial fields. It has the common characteristics of 1000 series aluminum alloy: high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Capacitors, gaskets, food packaging, electronic labels, auto parts and other industries are all common applications.

3000 series aluminum foil jumbo roll Turkey

A typical product is 3003 aluminum foil. What are our advantages? Various tempers: 3003-h18 aluminum foil, 3003-o state aluminum foil, 3003-h24 aluminum foil, etc. It has multiple advantages such as food-grade, clean degreasing, fewer pinholes, good product shape, no deformation during cutting, and adhesiveness that is not easy to fall off. 3003 aluminum foil is widely used in electronic foils, container foils, aluminum honeycomb cores, meal box materials, electrolytic capacitors and other fields.
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8000 series aluminum foil jumbo roll Turkey

A typical product of Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminum is 8011 aluminum foil. Due to its excellent moisture resistance, shading performance, and high blocking ability, it is often used as food packaging aluminum foil and pharmaceutical aluminum foil. Also, because of the mechanical properties of 8011 aluminum foil, the blast resistance, puncture resistance and crack resistance are strong, it can be used for pp cap. 8011 aluminum foil can be seen in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, heat sealing, milk cap, industrial cables, aluminum foil tape and many other aspects.
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Strengthen the recycling of aluminum foil jumbo roll Turkey

With the rapid development of the aluminum foil industry, aluminum foil recycling has also become a link that the industry must pay attention to. At present, recycled aluminum can meet part of the global aluminum demand, and this proportion is increasing. In Switzerland, aluminum foil recyclable has done a perfect job.
Aluminum foil is completely recyclable and infinitely usable, and there is no quality loss during the recycling process. The collection, recycling and recycling rate of aluminum foil has increased, which means that the amount of primary aluminum needed in the industry will become less and less. This reflects a large amount of energy saving, because the energy required for processing and recycling aluminum is 95% lower than the energy required for the same amount of primary aluminum (electrolytic aluminum).