aluminum diamond plate sheets for freight cars

The use of aluminum diamond plate sheets to make truck compartments is more and more, so what is the charm of this aluminum plate by everyone’s ambiguity? Let’s understand the benefits of using diamond aluminum plates in the truck compartment.


Aluminum diamond plate sheets are light in material and conducive to energy saving

Compared with the traditional steel plate, the aluminum diamond plate has the advantage of low density and light material. The use of aluminum diamond sheet plate of the same specification material is much lighter than the steel plate. This will bring many benefits. The reduction in body weight can greatly reduce fuel consumption. As far as the driver is concerned, it means that more goods can be pulled, and the natural income will be increased accordingly. This is one of the reasons for everyone’s choice.


aluminum diamond plate corrosion resistance and long service life

Aluminum diamond plate has strong corrosion resistance due to the addition of different alloy elements. Compared with the traditional steel car, the service life can be increased by about ten times. Under normal use, the steel car will be used after 3-5 years. Corrosion issues and scrap, and embossed aluminum plates can be used for decades, this is a clear advantage.


aluminum diamond plate sheets are environmentally friendly

Even the best products will have a limit value, as is the aluminum diamond plate, but compared to traditional steel plates, the recycling value of aluminum plate scrap is much higher than other materials, and the recycling rate can reach 80%, so embossing aluminum plates are highly environmentally friendly, which is also in line with the resource sustainable development strategy that the country has always advocated.


aluminum diamond plate sheets anti-slip effect & good practicability

The difference between aluminum diamond plate and other materials is that it has a raised pattern, which is beautiful and generous, and also has a good anti-skid effect. This is very conducive to the transportation of goods and avoids collisions between goods due to poor road conditions. For the loss, we commonly use five-ribbed pattern plates and pointer pattern plates.


Notes on bulk purchase of aluminum diamond plate

In order to allow everyone to find their own satisfactory products, here are some small suggestions for your reference. There are two main points, one is to carefully check the aluminum diamond plate model to avoid inconsistent model specifications. Generally speaking, 5000 series aluminum sheet and 6000 series aluminum sheet are used more. Before contacting the manufacturer, you should first determine the product model and model. After receiving the product, you must first check whether the product is the model and specification you purchased. Second, pay attention to the surface of the aluminum plate to avoid product quality problems. After the goods, through the inspection of the surface of the aluminum plate in time, if there is a problem, communicate with the manufacturer in time.


In addition to being used in the manufacture of freight cars, aluminum diamond plate sheets can also be widely used in workshops, ship corridors, stairwells and household appliances. So it is not difficult to see that it is a product that is inseparable in production and life, and it is also a product that various manufacturing and processing companies often choose to buy.