Aluminum coil 3003h14 turkey for construction

Aluminum coil 3003h14 turkey can be used in the construction industry. With the development of the construction industry, light-weight environmentally friendly materials have been paid more attention. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have low density and light weight, and are very popular building materials. Curtain wall is a light-weight wall with decorative effect commonly used in modern buildings. The panel and supporting structure make up this material. The panel part can use aluminum coil 3003. The aluminum alloy curtain wall has good rigidity, light weight, high strength, low maintenance cost, high cost performance, and high recyclable value.
Aluminum coil 3003h14 turkey

Aluminum coil 3003h14 turkey for aluminum honeycomb

The honeycomb material made of Aluminum coil 3003h14 has the advantages of light weight and high strength. In the early years, aluminum honeycomb panels were not used in construction applications, because of their cost, they were mainly used in aviation and aerospace fields. This kind of sandwich structure is commonly used in aircraft radomes, all movable rudder surfaces, ailerons, floors, compartment partitions, ceilings, trunks, etc. The advancement of science and technology, the maturity of the technology, the single construction products and the large batches are all related to the cost of aluminum honeycomb coils, which greatly reduced the cost of aluminum honeycomb coils and began to be applied in the construction field. By the mid-1990s, it was mainly used for construction. Decorative curtain wall panels inside and outside.
Aluminum coil 3003h14

Aluminum coil 3003h14 turkey price

Regardless of which type of product you choose, price is a matter of concern to everyone. In fact, when understanding the price, there are some aspects that must be understood. For example, the aluminum coil 3003h14 manufacturers in the continuous development of the industry are dazzling and the competition is fierce. They come from different regions and have different sales models. In addition, the profit value requirements of each manufacturer are different, so there will be a lot of gaps in prices. When purchasing a product, it is necessary to understand the quality of the product, the materials selected for the product, and the production and processing technology will all have an impact on the quality, and the quality will affect the user’s later use.
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Aluminum coil 3003h14 turkey manufacturer

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