1060 aluminum closure sheet for caps

Aluminum caps are very common in daily life and are mainly used in food, cosmetics, medicine and other industries. The raw materials are generally stamped from 1/3/8 series aluminum sheets/strips. 1060 aluminum closure sheet for caps has moderate hardness, is not easy to rust, and is easy to punch and stretch. It is one of the more commonly used aluminum cover aluminum box materials.

Specifications of aluminum closure sheet

Alloy grade: 1060
Alloy state: H24, H26
Thickness range: 0.2-0.5mm
Width range: 100-2500mm
Performance characteristics: easy to stretch, stable performance, smooth and delicate surface, tensile strength greater than 95.
aluminum closure sheet for caps

1060 aluminum closure sheet

1060 aluminum closure sheet belongs to the pure aluminum series, has good elongation and tensile strength, can meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching), high formability, and low ear rate, which meets the processing requirements of aluminum closures. In order to ensure the quality of the finished product in the later stage, the raw material requires a smooth surface, no rolling marks, scratches and stains.

How to identify high quality aluminum closure sheet for caps

Aluminum closure sheet for caps has strict requirements on the quality of the board surface and shape. Therefore, in the process of hot rolling, it is necessary to control the product quality by controlling the processing parameters, optimizing the process, and manual testing.

Mingtai Aluminum chooses high-quality billets. During the rolling process, the company has a strict inspection system, professional measuring instruments, experienced employees, and a series of standardized processes to ensure stable product quality. Our aluminum foil for pp caps,aluminum closure sheets are of reliable quality, favored by users, and have a high market share.

Aluminum processing enterprise Mingtai Aluminum Industry

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise and a listed company. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of aluminum sheets, strips and foils. It has been serving electronics, automobiles, transportation, construction, packaging, printing, industrial manufacturing, etc. industry. With high-quality products and good reputation, it has been widely recognized by the society.