Aluminum alloy al 3004

Aluminum alloy al 3004, 3000 series alloy, can be rolled, and can also be machined to form aluminum plates. Its excellent properties include anti-slip effect, corrosion resistance, and good weldability. The poorer characteristic is the machinability.

Aluminum alloy al 3004 is used in construction

Today is the era of advocating green and environmental protection. The characteristics of modern buildings are gradually becoming lighter, environmentally friendly and durable. Aluminum alloy is currently an ideal green building material, with unparalleled advantages of other materials. 3004 aluminum sheet-aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate commonly used in construction, its corrosion resistance, light texture and recyclable properties make it highly favored by customers and used in various large-span roof structure systems.
Aluminum alloy al 3004

Aluminum alloy al 3004 for blinds

Aluminum alloy shutters are very common in households. They are made of high-quality 3004 aluminum plate/3104 aluminum plate. The surface has been specially treated to improve strength and corrosion resistance. Its appearance is smooth and beautiful, and it is deeply loved by the public.
The quality of the aluminum alloy material has a great influence on the durability and appearance of the blinds. When purchasing the 3004 aluminum sheet/3104 aluminum sheet for the blinds, the user should check whether the surface of the aluminum sheet is smooth and flat, whether there are pitting, scratches, bumps and other defects. Whether the color is uniform or not, there must be no defects such as uneven color and rough surface. To ensure that the aluminum alloy shutters have a good appearance quality, the quality of the raw materials is the key.
aluminum alloy 3004 properties

Aluminum alloy al 3004 price

The price of aluminum sheet is related to the product model and specification status. Material quality and manufacturing process will affect the quality of aluminum plates. Mingtai Aluminum purchases key raw materials, controls the quality of aluminum products from the source, and strictly controls all processes in the production to ensure high product quality. In addition, zhengzhou mingtai industry co ltd is adjacent to the origin of raw materials, has its own power plant, large-scale production, the same product has lower cost than its peers, and the price advantage is obvious. Consult us directly to get the price.
aluminum alloy 3004 corrosion

Aluminum alloy al 3004 manufacturer

Various specifications. zhengzhou mingtai industry co ltd is tailor-made according to user needs, aluminum alloy 3004 has a thickness of 0.2-500mm, a width of 100-2650mm, and a length of 500-16000mm.
Advanced equipment
Henan Mingtai has several advanced production equipments with superior product performance and stable production.
Strong production capacity
The several production lines of zhengzhou mingtai industry co ltd ensure the large-scale production of aluminum alloy 3004. The international market is also a very mature market that we are doing now.
Sound service
Henan Mingtai continues to serve. Today’s service adheres to the principle of integration of customization, production, quality inspection, and distribution.