Introduction of aluminum alloy 5052A

Aluminum alloy 5052A is a new type of aluminum metal material, which is similar to 5052 aluminum alloy but surpasses the performance of 5052 aluminum alloy. Thickness 0.2-8.0mm. It is green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and outstanding in performance. It has many other detailed characteristics waiting for us to discover.
aluminum alloy 5052A

Corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy 5052A

5052A aluminum alloy is particularly useful in corrosion resistance projects because it improves resistance to corrosive environments. Aluminum is chemically active. All aluminum alloys will form an oxide layer in the presence of air/water, protecting it from further reactions with the external environment. Aluminum alloy 5052A can withstand very well under the environmental conditions composed of temperature, chemicals in the air and nearby working environment. It also has the effect of not containing any copper. As a result, it is not easy to corrode even in a salt water environment. Marine applications are one of the typical applications of aluminum alloy 5052A because of its corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of other aluminum will weaken over time, aluminum alloy 5052A will not.
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Welding performance of aluminum alloy 5052A

5052A alloy is often used as a decorative panel material due to its excellent forming properties, corrosion resistance, weldability, and fatigue strength. With the development of related industries such as machinery and automobiles, the demand for 5052A aluminum alloy sheet is increasing, which is also related to its welding performance and alloy welding process. Now let’s take a look at the aluminum-magnesium alloy welding characteristics of 5052A aluminum alloy.
Strong reduction ability
Aluminum and oxygen have a strong affinity. Aluminum combines with oxidation in the air to form a dense and strong A1203 film.
Higher thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity
The thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of aluminum and aluminum alloys are more than twice that of carbon steel and low alloy steel. When welding aluminum and aluminum alloys, heat is consumed in other parts of the metal in addition to the molten metal.
High stomatal sensitivity
Aluminum and aluminum alloy liquid molten pools are easy to absorb hydrogen and other gases. A large amount of gas dissolved at high temperature is too late to precipitate during the cooling and solidification process after welding, and it will form pores in the weld.
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Hardness of aluminum alloy 5052A

Let’s talk about hardness again. When it comes to hardness, some people would think of 1060 aluminum sheet, thinking that the hardness of this kind of aluminum sheet should be the strongest, but this is not the case. Let’s take a look, the hardness of 1060 aluminum sheet is between 110-130, but the hardness of our 5052A aluminum sheet is between 210-230. From the data, we can easily see that 5052A aluminum The sheet is harder than 1060 aluminum sheet.
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