Introduction of aluminum alloy 3004

Aluminum alloy 3004 material, its alloy composition is more reasonable, it is a more suitable material for many purposes. Some applications are mainly based on the plasticity and weldability of 3004 aluminum alloy, which is easy to process and not prone to corrosion; some applications mainly use the higher strength of 3004 aluminum alloy; The formability and weldability of 3003 aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy manufacturer Mingtai adopts internationally advanced grinder equipment to improve the quality of aluminum alloy 3004 products and reduce product defects.
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Aluminum alloy 3004 for lamp

Aluminum alloy 3004 is used for lamps to be deposited on the reflective coating on the head of the lamp. This is mainly due to the nature of its melting point, which has a relatively low melting point. 3004 aluminum alloy, a series of aluminum-manganese alloy. The most obvious difference with 3003 aluminum is that the strength is higher than 3003 aluminum. Good formability and good corrosion resistance. If there is a requirement for strength, especially higher strength than 3003 alloy, you can consider using 3004 aluminum sheet. In addition to lamp cap materials, 3004 aluminum sheet can also be applied to shutter materials, color-coated aluminum substrates, decorative materials, etc.

Aluminum alloy 3004 for can

Cans are currently popular in the beverage industry, and aluminum cans are packaged in two-piece cans with an open lid (commonly known as “two-piece cans” and “cans”). Beginning in 1963, the aluminum industry company cooperated in the production of aluminum alloy easy-opening beverages, that is, can packaging. It has become a trend so far, and the output is increasing every year. 3004 aluminum alloy is suitable for the manufacture of cans, so 3004 aluminum alloy is used as one of the aluminum materials of cans, which is safe, light and beautiful.
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Aluminum alloy 3004 price

How to find aluminum alloy 3004 aluminum alloy manufacturers with low prices?
The production of aluminum materials is complete in specifications and models, and can also be reasonably customized according to the actual needs of users. The delivery is timely and the price is likely to be economical.
There is no intermediate profit difference, the cost can be effectively reduced, and the price of its products will be relatively cheaper.
The industry has a good reputation and always takes the user as its own responsibility. Adhere to the principle of open and fair quotation. Such manufacturers are more realistic in pricing their products, and their prices are also very economical.
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Aluminum alloy 3004 manufacturer

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