Is aluminum 6061 price per ton cheap?

Aluminum 6061 price per ton is related to many factors, here are some common influencing factors.
Specification of aluminium 6061;
the thickness of aluminium 6061;
Surface treatment technology (such as stretching, powder, paint, fluorocarbon, perforation, thermal transfer, etc., the price of different surface treatments is also different);
Aluminum plate processing (such as arc, shape, roller, etc. shaping treatment);
Raw materials, that is, the price of aluminum ingots;
Supply target (generally the price of the products of the manufacturer is much cheaper than that of the agent, the prerequisite is materials of the same quality, avoiding defective materials);
Processing cost, purchase cost (aluminum ingot);
Brand (higher visibility will be relatively expensive);
Logistics Freight;
aluminum 6061 price per ton

Aluminum ingot price and aluminum 6061 price per ton

Nowadays, the market fluctuates more frequently. The price of aluminum ingots is not a fixed influencing factor in itself, and nowadays there is a great trend of volatility. Manufacturers’ quotations for aluminum products of the same type and specification also fluctuate greatly. Assuming that the price of aluminum ingots in August was 20,000 yuan, and now it is 23,000 yuan, then if you buy aluminum 6061 at 8 fish meal, the price per ton will be at least 3,000 yuan cheaper. So if you have a need, it is recommended to buy as soon as possible.
al 6061 t6 price

Processing cost and aluminum 6061 price per ton

There are more than one product types of aluminium 6061, and the processing cost per ton is different, even for the same type of product, there are different specifications. Even if the products of the same specification are inquired by different aluminum companies, there must be different processing fees.

Aluminum 6061 price per ton

Aluminum 6061 price per ton, that is, the price of aluminum 6061 per ton is composed of the aluminum ingot price at the time of shipment + processing fee. First of all, you need to consult the aluminum company for the processing fee of a certain product; secondly, just check the aluminum ingot price of the day on the Yangtze River Nonferrous Network, and then you can easily calculate it.
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Aluminum 6061 price per ton of aluminum sheet manufacturers

There are many aluminum 6061 manufacturers, but aluminum 6061 has relatively high requirements for processing equipment. Therefore, Mingtai Industry strongly recommends that customers cooperate with large manufacturers when purchasing aluminum 6061. After all, the quality of the product is fundamental.
Mingtai Industry sells 6061 aluminum sheets. 6061 aluminum sheets are not only excellent in performance, but also very reasonable in price. Although the investment cost of equipment is high, Mingtai Industry has adopted reasonable preferential measures. aluminum 6061 price per ton is very reasonable, and it is a good choice for the majority of users to purchase aluminum sheets.