5083 aluminum alloy is a non-heat treatable 4½% magnesium, 0.15% chromium, 0.7% manganese alloy. 5083 aluminum alloy plate is a well-known shipbuilding plate. There is another use, aluminium tooling plate 5083.

Let’s sort out what are the characteristics of 5083 aluminum alloy?

The first is strength. Like all 5000 series high-magnesium alloy 5083, it has obtained high strength through cold working, resulting in a series of “H” tempers;
Corrosion resistance, which has extraordinary corrosion resistance, whether in the atmosphere or in the ocean;
5083 alloy cannot be hardened by heat treatment. Can be significantly hardened by cold working (for example, by cold rolling) and produce various tempers;
Excellent solderability through all standard electrical and resistance methods; gas welding is not recommended.
Because 5083 alloy can withstand extremely low temperatures without becoming brittle or losing performance, it is particularly suitable for the low temperature market.
aluminium tooling plate 5083

Introduction of aluminium tooling plate 5083

Aluminium tooling plate 5083 is a double-sided precision machined plate developed with aluminum alloy 5083. Rolled aluminum ingots are used for production. This material has a fine-grained uniform structure and only produces a low microporosity under an improved casting process and specific heat treatment conditions. This process can produce precision printing plates with excellent flatness tolerances, high strength, and protective foil coatings on both sides.

Production of aluminium tooling plate 5083

The production of aluminium tooling plate 5083 started with very large aluminium plates. Then cut these flat plates into thin slices, like a loaf of bread, cut into nearly net thickness. After slicing, these plates are precision machined on the top and bottom. This process eliminates surface defects while producing the required thickness. Next, the board is precisely cut to width and length. After cutting, place them on the PVC coating station. Here, the protective film can be applied to the top and bottom of the original cast aluminum tools and fixture plates. Finally, the aluminum cast plate is packaged, loaded and transported.
Careful attention to details in the entire production process can guarantee the performance of these high-quality cast aluminum plates.
aluminium tooling plate

Typical application of aluminium tooling plate 5083

The aluminium tooling plate is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions, and both sides are pre-processed to provide excellent surface finish and flatness tolerances. Cast plates have excellent stability during and after processing and are very suitable for precision applications such as drilling fixtures, machined base plates, assembly machines, and other uses in the plastics and electronics industries.