aluminium sheet price

The price is often one of the more important factors when buying aluminum sheets. There is no fixed standard for the price of aluminum sheets. For example, you need to know what alloy it is, is it 5000 series or 6000 series, 1mm aluminum sheet or 2mm aluminum sheet. As long as you know the specific needs, you can also know the price range. First, let’s list the factors that affect aluminium sheet price and aluminium plate price.

what factors that affect aluminium sheet price?

What are the factors affecting the price changes of aluminum sheets? The price of aluminum sheet manufacturers like Mingtai is generally affected by the following factors:

First, aluminum sheet specifications and thickness. The second is the processing technology of aluminum plates. The third is the price of aluminum ingots in the market and the processing aluminum sheet cost. The fourth is the type of manufacturers and suppliers. Mingtai is the top ten aluminum sheet supplier and manufacturhttps://www.aluminumer in China, and the quality is guaranteed. At the same time, aluminum plates will also be affected by exchange rates and taxes.

What is the price of 1mm aluminum sheet?

The following is some quotation information of several different thicknesses of aluminum plates as examples. Since you need to know the amount of alloy and other information when quoting, it is only for reference. What needs to be explained is that the most important thing when choosing aluminum plates is the quality of aluminum plates. The price of 1mm aluminum plate is good and it can be used for curtain wall and other aspects, usually 1000 series and 3000 series alloy, and its price is relatively cheap.

How much is the price of 1.5mm aluminium sheet price per ton?

In the calculation of the price of aluminum sheet, how much is the price of 1.5mm thick aluminum veneer per square meter? The range value on the market is about US$2,360. The aluminum plate has the same thickness according to different needs. The thickness of the indoor ceiling can be 1.5mm.

How much is the price of 2mm aluminium sheet price per ton?

The calculation of the unit price of aluminum sheet is more complicated. How much is the price of 2mm thick aluminum sheet per square meter? The market price is about US$2,400 per ton. The different thickness, quality and price are different, and the price is determined according to the surface treatment.

How much is the price of 3mm aluminium sheet price per ton?

The price of conventional 3mm aluminum plate varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The normal price will be within a range. The price difference in this range is caused by the difference in aluminum plate material, production process, and cost of aluminum plate production.

How much is the price of 4mm aluminium plate per ton?

The price quotation of 4mm thick aluminum sheet is also different, and many manufacturers do not have the same quotation. The price of 4mm thick aluminum sheet will also be affected by other factors such as alloy, and then the actual quotation shall prevail.


The above is a detailed answer to the summary of the aluminium sheet price list. More aluminum sheet knowledge can be updated on the website in real time. To purchase aluminum sheets, you can find Mingtai. Mingtai has 23 years of professional aluminum production experience and has thousands of aluminum sheet engineering cases. The reputation is guaranteed and the product quality is good. It can also provide you with free aluminum sheet samples as a reference choice for the first time communication.