Aluminium alloy 6061 t6

Aluminum alloy 6061 is generally considered to be a low-strength aluminum alloy. Although there are many advantages, regarding strength, there are still disadvantages to be overcome. In order to make up for this shortcoming, aluminum alloy 6061 has undergone a heat treatment called T6 treatment, which includes solution treatment hardening followed by aging effect treatment. This will increase the strength. Then it became aluminium alloy 6061 t6.
aluminium alloy 6061 t6

Changes brought by aluminium alloy 6061 t6 to aluminium 6061

Aluminium alloy 6061 t6 is one of the most frequently requested 6061 aluminum tempers. In addition to bringing higher strength to 6061, T6 has a good strength-to-weight ratio and can also be heat treated. The formability and weldability are also excellent. T6 tempering is applied to 6061 aluminum, and the yield strength is almost quadrupled.
These characteristics can be said to determine its application field. It can be used in applications that require strength and toughness, and it can also shine in structural products and other products that require durability. Specific applications of 6061 aluminum sheets include but are not limited to engineering and structural applications, boats, furniture, etc.

Aluminium alloy 6061 t6 VS 5052

As mentioned above, 6061 has two characteristics: high corrosion resistance and significantly improved strength after T6 treatment. On the other hand, 5052 is characterized by moderate strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent weldability. Based on these, if you want to give priority to strength, it is recommended to use A6061. On the other hand, if you want to manufacture something that needs to be soldered, we recommend 5052 with high solderability.
5052-h32 vs 6061-t6

Aluminium alloy 6061 t6 VS 7075

7075-T6 is an alloy of aluminum. 7075 aluminum is a mixture of 4 different materials. Aluminum, zinc, magnesium and copper, the content of several alloys are different.
6061 aluminum is mixed with many other elements. In addition to aluminum, you can also find silicon, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, chromium, zinc, and titanium. Although most of them account for only 0.04%–0.8%, they still play an important role in the manufacture of strong materials.
7075 is the hardest material in all alloy series, heat-treatable and processable. 6061 aluminum is more common because it can be easily welded, forged, extruded or machined, so it has a wide range of uses. Since aluminum alloy 7075 is not as common as 6061, there is a price difference, 7075 is more expensive.
6061-t6 vs 7075-t6

Henan Mingtai Industrial aluminium alloy 6061 t6

Henan Mingtai Industrial 6061 alloy has good electrical and thermal conductivity; it has high strength and can strengthen the strength of the matrix after a certain degree of cold working. In addition, 6061 has a low density. High-quality aluminum alloy 6061 t6 can make later processing easier, whether it is anodized or color coating. Our aluminum alloy 6061 t6 has many forms, which can be aluminum sheet/aluminum plate, aluminum coil, 6061 aluminum checker plate. Consult Henan Mingtai Industrial now.