Aluminium alloy 6061 price per kg is not the same

Aluminium alloy 6061 price per kg,6061 aluminum alloy has many forms of products on the market. Different types of aluminum alloy 6061 have a different prices per kg. Commonly used are 6061 aluminum plates and aluminum coils. If you follow the 6061-T6 aluminum plate with a thickness of 1.0-6.0mm, the price of an entire aluminum plate with a thickness of 8.0-300mm is different.
Aluminium alloy 6061

Impact on manufacturer’s choice aluminium alloy 6061 price per kg

It is believed that all users who plan to purchase 6061 aluminum sheets have basically understood the specific 6061 aluminum sheet’s performance, manufacturer and price information. In the process of understanding, you may find that for the same specifications, the quotations obtained by consulting different manufacturers are quite different. Some manufacturers will say that our products have excellent raw materials; some manufacturers may explain that the same products have good performance; others will say that our products have high technical level, high costs, and high prices. Is it really so?
Yes, the choice of aluminum sheet manufacturers will indeed affect product prices. If it is subdivided, it can be divided into several aspects.
Aluminium alloy 6061

Raw material influence aluminium alloy 6061 price per kg

The price is different for different materials. The aluminum ingots selected for aluminum plates are classified according to their quality and chemical composition. Therefore, in the selection of raw materials, although the difference is not big, the performance of the product will be very different. Therefore, the difference in raw materials will really have a greater impact on their quotations.
6061 Aluminium

Aluminium alloy 6061 price per kg is related to the technical level

Different technical levels offer different prices. In the processing of aluminum plates, production equipment, and technical level are particularly important. The application technology we are talking about here is the unique technology of different equipment. For example, Mingtai owns more than 20 production lines and more than 60 large-scale processing equipment developed by Germany, South Korea, Italy, and independently; 3300mm width “1+1 “hot rolling production line; self-developed (1+4) hot tandem rolling production line, etc. There are also intelligent centralized control systems and operating rooms. The more advanced technology and equipment are applied, the higher the quality of the products and the more stable performance.
6061 Aluminium

Marketing model influence aluminium alloy 6061 price per kg

Manufacturer’s marketing model, which is mainly from design to sales cost. Direct-selling manufacturers and distributors must offer different prices to users. Distributors need to buy from the manufacturer (ex-factory price), and then add their own sales costs (transportation, labor, time, etc.), and then sell the products to customers, so the price will be relatively higher. On the other hand, direct-sale manufacturers directly sell products to users in need (factory price), without too many links, so the price is relatively low.