Aluminium a6061 t651

Aluminium a6061 t651, one of the more commonly used alloy series. Aluminium sheet 6061 t651, through the calendering process, 6061 aluminum sheets can be manufactured. What is calendering? It consists of two or more spoke cylinders arranged in a certain form, and at a certain temperature, the aluminum ingot is pressed and stretched into an aluminum product with a certain thickness and surface shape. Features: Wide width, relatively flat and smooth surface, high thickness precision, relatively stable physical properties, and uniform internal molecular structure distribution. As a quenched aluminum sheet, it has a specific process, such as rolling, quenching, sawing, aging and so on. The purpose of quenching is to improve the performance and strength of the aluminum sheet. According to the different requirements of customers, it can be processed into different specifications and used in different places.
aluminium a6061 t651

Features of aluminium a6061 t651

6061 is a very good and widely used polished aluminum. As a basic material, its anodizing effect is very good. Pipe fittings, containers, automotive and aerospace parts are all in its wide range of applications. It has strong corrosion resistance, plus it is easy to process and weld, so it is widely used. Its processing performance is very impressive, and its own welding characteristics are also quite prominent. In addition, it also has the characteristics of strong electroplating, good corrosion resistance, strong toughness, polishing and coloring, and good oxidation effect.
a6061 t651

Aluminium a6061 t651 stock

Aluminum sheet grades 6000 series are heat-treatable alloy series led by 6061. In the construction and architecture industry, it is the most commonly used aluminum alloy. It is worth mentioning that if you need to purchase 6061 alloy now, you can provide the product specifications you need first, and we will check whether there is a suitable stock, which can save you waiting time. 6061 is machinable, weldable and machinable. Last but not least, the surface finish can be easily processed to achieve perfect results.
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Aluminium a6061 t651 in Mingtai Aluminum

In comparison, what is special about Zhengzhou Mingtai Industry Co Ltd China aluminum 6061 t651?
Aluminum 6061 t651, uniform aluminum plate material: the product has the same thickness (diameter) below 300℃, the strength and hardness are basically the same, this is its excellent heat treatment technology;
High surface accuracy, reducing material waste
Processability, the error of chemical composition, strength and hardness is very small;
Even in the case of high-speed machining, there is almost no deformation; aluminum 6061 t651 itself is a process to eliminate internal stress. Warping, cracking and deformation, these are all taken preventive measures, even during processing and stress;
Compactness; no sand holes, horizontal lines, bubbles and impurities, this is because of the grain refinement process;
High temperature resistance; permanent deformation will not occur under high temperature working environment.